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Tuesday, December 01, 2009


candy Blog Prompt: As you were growing up did you get a lot of treats to eat? What kind did you get and what was your favorite?

I didn’t get a lot of treats when I was growing up because my family didn’t eat a lot of candy or desserts. The only time I got candy was when it was Halloween and I was allowed to go trick or treating. Now that I look back and realize that my parents didn’t have any health insurance, I wonder if that was one way to keep my teeth in good shape. We never had dessert after dinner and the only time I got cake was for my birthday. Of course I was allergic to chocolate so that wasn’t encouraged either. I hated when other kids got chocolate Easter bunnies and I got this white ones that tasted yucky. But I’m not sure it really tasted yucky or that I was just jealous it wasn’t a chocolate bunny. I think my favorite treat growing up was Good n’ Plenty licorice candy. I still like it and buy it to take with me when I’m hiking.

Original image: 'candy coated dreams' by: Jeff Meyer

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Glynis said...

I think I spoil myself and my kids with too much candy...I have no will power :)