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Friday, December 11, 2009

Carnival Day 8 Grand Turk

We arrived in Grand Turk and docked without any trouble by 7am. 010Don and I were one of the first off the ship and went to the beach right beside the ship. We got the pick of the beach chairs when we got there. The beach chairs were free so we found a couple under a tree for some shade and on level sand. Some of the rows of chairs were on the downhill slope towards the water. We put on our snorkeling gear and saw some great looking fish. All morning we went in and out of the water snorkeling. Around 10:30 we decided to find me some soda to drink and after walking all around the shopping area, I only found one lady with a cooler who sold me a Sprite for $2. I h067eard there was a guy around the beach area selling beer and soda but we never saw him. I wish I had brought my own bottled water with me and would do that if I come back to this island. Then we walked along the beach to the left of the pier (facing the ship) and saw tons of conch shells. The water was rougher on this side but the shells were prettier. When we saw the Costa ship heading in to the pier, we decided to go back to the ship for lunch and try to beat the ship coming in but we didn’t make it and stood in line for about an hour while they docked. After lunch we returned to the beach for more swimming and snorkeling. At the edge of the swimming area, 051with the ship looming over us, we found an artificial reef that they were making and saw lots of colorful fish. Don was able to feed them dog biscuits so it was a lot of fun. Eventually we got tired from all the swimming and decided to return to the ship since it was getting close to dinner. Before we returned, we stopped to watch the people on the flowrider and it was fun to watch. After dinner we went to the comedy show and the Kim Harrison, from Columbia, SC, was hilarious! She was really funny and had a beautiful voice when she sang.

Someone asked in one of my messages (either here or on cruise critic), what movies were shown on the big screen so here is the list. They showed The Soloist, Nothing Like the Holidays, Quantum of Solace, Valkyrie, and Star Trek (2009). There is one more but I can’t remember what it is and if I do, I’ll edit this post.

Friday is our last sea day and we return back to Port Canaveral on  Saturday.

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