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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Carnival Dream Day 7 San Juan (Not)

We arrived in San Juan around 7am and prepared to dock. Then we stopped. The next thing we know they announced that we were encountering a little problem. Apparently the Costa ship was parked where we should have parked and we would have to park in a different place. The next think I know there is a coast guard shipping blocking the smaller dock where it looked like we were heading. Then we sat in the harbor for awhile until the captain announced that we would not be stopping in San Juan because the metal sculpture at the dock could possibly damage the life boats hanging from our ship. It was a pretty exciting morning. On the morning show by the cruise director, Todd and John were talking about how the simulator that the captain uses to practice docking the ship did not have this sculpture in the program and they apologized for the problem and that they would be working on it for future dockings. They also had to cancel the comedians for the next two nights because they were supposed to arrive in San Juan at noon but we had already sailed away by then. I had hoped to meet up with my friend Yolanda and her husband who live in San Juan but we will have to meet another time when we visit there.

Then we ate breakfast in the dining room which was really good (even though I had already eaten breakfast around 6:30 on the Lido deck). After breakfast I was feeling guilty so we walked about 4 miles around the track on deck 12. After exercising we walked around the ship until it was time for lunch. We watched a game of charades and also some dance class.

At breakfast I heard a horrible story from a woman who had left her car while she was at the Radisson. In fact she paid extra for this and they made her put a tag on her mirror saying “cruise parking.” Then yesterday she gets a call from her kids saying that the car was stolen and found at an abandoned house with stolen tags. The kids were worried because they didn’t know if their parents were abducted or dead. Now they have to go back to deal with a damaged car, theft of items, and pay the impound fees. What a hassle! I just hope our car is okay but I’m not going to worry about until the time comes.

Unfortunately I made the huge mistake about getting in line for the Mongolian wok on the Lido deck for lunch. I was in line for almost 40 minutes and it was not worth the wait. There were some people getting 2 or 3 bowls cooked and I think they should only be allowed one serving at a time to be fair to the rest of us waiting in line. Or they could handle it like they do the pasta bar where you can choose your ingredients on paper and turn it in while they give you a number. When it is done, they bring it to your table.

After lunch, we went to arts and crafts where we made magnetic bookmarks. They will not have arts and crafts for the future cruises because Carnival only offers arts and crafts on 8 day or more cruises. Then we went to see some karaoke.

Dinner was our last formal night and they served escargot which made Don happy. Then we went to the show which featured country music. I think the shows on this ship were awesome and I really enjoyed them. It is amazing though to notice that even when we get there about an hour early, it is jam packed and you can barely find a seat.

To make up for cancelling a port, we will be in Grand Turk at 7am instead of 11am. I hope the weather is nice.






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