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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Carnival Miracle Day 1 At Sea and DSP Blog Prompts

We had a wonderful day at sea. I was on my computer early but the largest internet plan I could buy was 250 minutes for $100 plus 20 free minutes which gives me about 38 minutes each day. After I blogged and emailed, I worked out in the gym until it was time to wake Don up for breakfast. They didn’t start serving breakfast until 7:30 so I wasn’t in a rush to wake him up. After breakfast, we walked about an hour on the outside track. Then we went to arts and crafts where we made sail and sign card holders with needlepoint. At 11, we heard our cruise director, Malcolm Burns talk about shore excursions and he was pretty funny. We ate lunch in the dining room and then played in the slot tournament but we didn’t win. As Platinum members, we each get a free entry into the tournament. I sat out on the deck for awhile and knitted while Don walked on the track some more. Then we had to find a launderette with an iron so we could freshen up our clothes for formal night. At 5, we met the Captain and senior staff. Captain Rocco Lubrano was very nice and even took a picture with us. We also met the hotel manager, Pierre Camilleri, the guest relations manager, Phil Holmes, and the staff captain (but I can’t remember his name). We had dinner with four nice people from Florida (Dennis, Pat, Evonne, and Conrad). After dinner we went to the show Next Generations which we had seen before but we really enjoy the music. It was a great day!
Mon 12/14 Blog Prompt: What would you do to make your parents happy as you were growing up?
I had to keep good grades (I mean GOOD grades, not okay grades), don’t get dirty, do what I’m told and be a good girl. I’m not sure that when I got married and started hiking (which means getting dirty), and arguing when I needed to – made them very happy but by then I was already grown up.
Tue 12/15 Blog Prompt: Do you feel as if you are as good or a better parent than your own?
No. My parents were wonderful. At the time I was a teenager I didn’t think so but they were really good parents and I’m happy with the way I turned out. I wish I had the patience with my own children that they had with me.
Wed 12/16 Blog Prompt: National covered chocolate day. What would you have chocolate covered today?
I would cover vitamins and aspirins with chocolate. I hate taking either one of these and I think that would make them easier to take. I wonder if anyone has invented this yet?
Update about my dad:
They did an endoscopy yesterday but he was bleeding so much the doctor couldn't really tell where it was coming from. They had to move him to ICU and they may try to do another endoscopy. If they still can't tell, they may put dye in him to find the source. I guess he will be in the hospital for even longer.

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