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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Carnival Miracle Day 1 Embarkation

We got to the port around 10:30, dropped our bags off, and then parked the car. We were checked in right away after security but then had to wait about an hour before we were allowed to board the ship. Since we have been on this ship so many times, we didn’t feel the need to explore so we went right to the Lido deck for lunch. After lunch, I met with the maĆ®tre’d Manuel in order to make sure we were seated at a big table with other people. He saw that we were sitting alone so he moved us to a table of six in the middle of the dining room which we like. After this we walked around the ship until it was time for the lifeboat drill. I really like not having to carry our life jackets to the drill. After the drill we went to the Orpheus bar (in the aft of the ship) to meet with other cruise critic people and it was a lot of fun! I met Urban Hawk, Kim and Lavell and Taylor. Taylor is a sophomore in high school and a lot of fun to talk to so I hope we see her around some more. After that we went to the Raven Library so I could sign up for the internet (250 minutes for $100). Boy I am spoiled after getting 480 minutes on the Dream! Then it was time to get ready for dinner and right before we left for dinner, I got a call from Phil Holmes, the guest relations manager, asking us if we would like an upgrade to a balcony room. I was so excited! So, it was arranged that we would move after dinner. We had a lovely dinner and our servers were Luis and Suki. The funny part was that none of our dinner mates showed up so it was just Don and me anyway. After dinner, we moved to our new cabin which was very nice and unpacked our stuff. Then we went to the Game show mania in the Phantom Lounge. We had hoped to stay for the 10:30 Welcome Aboard show but I was exhausted by then. Now we will have 2 days at sea to rest and relax.
Now here is an update about my father. We had hoped he would be released from the hospital so Marge went to the hospital as we left for the port. On the way, my sister called me and said that he would be staying longer because he is still bleeding so on Tuesday, he will have another endoscopy. They think it is bleeding ulcers but I guess they need to find them and stop the bleeding. Hopefully he will come home Wednesday. At least I know he is getting cared for while he is in the hospital. I called my father and Marge when we arrived and he said he is feeling great and still has no pain whatsoever, which is good. He was really disappointed that he wasn’t going home. My sister plans to email me every day so I know how he is doing.

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Tammy said...

Oh Pat. I hope your dad is feeling better soon and he can be home for Christmas. I didn't know he was feeling bad. Been kind of slack the past few days about coming in here.

Sounds like you have the cruise thing down pat (hehehe) and you probable know how to run the ship yourself. Great upgrade too!!