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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Carnival Miracle Day 4 Costa Rica

028We arrived in Costa Rica at 7am but they are an hour behind us (and we always stay on ship’s time). Even early in the morning it was hot and humid but we walked around town. I felt much safer in this port than I did in Panama yesterday. The people seemed very friendly here. We stopped at the grocery store for me to buy a pepsi and a nice man let me go in front of him. The pepsi cost $555 (of their dollars) but she took my US $1 for it. I noticed that the nice man was even going to pay the difference if I needed it. Along the way we passed075 a hotel and I went in to exchange a US $1 for local change so Don could have some. Posted on the wall was $1 USD = 550 (Costa Rica money). We did come back to the ship once so I could write and send my postcards. I think it is neat that the guest relations desk sells local postage stamps and has a mailbox near their desk. 080Before we leave the port, the box is emptied and taken to a local post office. After that we went back and walked around the town some more. In the local park, we could look up in the trees and see the sloths. We returned back to the ship around noon and had a wonderful lunch. Even though the temperature doesn’t seem so high, the humidity is miserable. At 4pm was the past guest reception and then dinner again.
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Update on my father:
My father is doing better and sitting up in a chair. They moved him out of CCU and into a regular room. He is in pain but that is normal due to the surgery. He said they removed a tumor and are waiting for the biopsy results. Hopefully he will be home for Christmas.

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