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Monday, December 21, 2009

Carnival Miracle Day 6 Belize

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We met in the Mad Hatter Lounge at 7am for our tour. We booked the Barrier reef snorkeling and beach break tour for $69.95 per 010person. Our boat left the ship at 8am and we were snorkeling by 8:30. The water was choppy and the current was pretty strong. I was very impressed with the safety rules they followed including the buoyancy control devices they make you wear. There were also two men in bright yellow kayaks among the snorkelers in case anyone 057needed help. I think the cold water affected Don and caused him to have an asthma attack and wouldn’t you know it, we left his inhaler on the ship. When he finally relaxed in the water, he was able to get his breathing under control and we were able to snorkel. They allowed us an hour to snorkel and they brought us to the beach on Bannister Island which is like a little private island. We walked around a little while and got back on the boat but most people swam, or ate, or kayaked during the hour we were allotted there even though it was overcast and started to rain. We were back on our ship by noon and were just in time for lunch! Some of the snorkeling tours were cancelled due to the weather. After lunch we sat on our balcony and enjoyed watching the tenders come and go until it was time to leave the port. Dinner was nice and we had planned to go to the show but the entertainer could not make it out of New York due to bad weather there. That is okay though, because I think all that snorkeling made me more tired than I expected.

We have one more day at sea and then will return to Ft. Lauderdale. I think I’m getting homesick.

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