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These are my thoughts and opinions about life in general. I also get daily prompts from DSP which inspire me to write. If I throw in some scrapbook pages I've done, photos I've taken, and stories about me, you will have an idea about my loony life!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Mutt's Day

Blog prompt: Today is Mutt’s Day. Do you prefer a mutt or a purebred animal? Why?

It really doesn’t matter to me whether a dog is mutt or purebred. I think the personality of a dog and whether I like it or not is more important than its breeding. I grew up with purebred german shepherds and we had a purebred chow so I’ve never had a mutt. I didn’t have any say about the dogs I grew up with and my husband surprised me with the chow so I didn’t have a say in that either. We don’t have any pets now but if I ever got another pet, I would probably go to the humane society and find a pet there.

Original image: 'Molly the cutiest' by: Per Ola Wiberg

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Father In Law Day

Blog Prompt: Today is Father-in-Law Day. Describe your father-in-law if you have one or tell what you think a perfect father-in-law would be like.

I had the best in-laws and I really miss them now that both of them have passed away. They both were supportive of me before we were married and then after we were married. My father in law and I attended the same university, although many years apart so we bonded through that connection. He was always a very calm and dependable kind of person. As a student, I would spend many nights at my future in laws house (they kicked my future hubby out to the couch in the livingroom and I was given his bedroom). Every morning before I left for school, my future father in law cooked me breakfast and sent me off to school. He seemed glad when I finally agreed to marry his son. Whenever my family was going through rough times, he was always there for us. When our house caught on fire, there was never any doubt that he would allow us to live with them until we found another home. When our car broke down on the Blue Ridge Parkway, he drove hours in order to rescue us. As you can tell, I still miss him but I’m glad I got to spend the time I did with him before complications from diabetes was just too much for him.

Original image: 'If Mamma aint happy...'

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

National Lasagna Day

Blog Prompt: Today is National Lasagna Day. Do you like Italian food? What is your favorite Italian dish?

First of all, I love any and all Italian dishes! I wish I had been born in an Italian family who had Italian food every day! My favorite dish used to be lasagna. Since going to a local restaurant, I have changed my favorite to Baked Ziti with meat sauce. The price is reasonable and the taste is wonderful. I love all the cheese mixed with the pasta. Hmmm…now I’m hungry. I’m wondering if I could talk my husband into going to get some baked ziti for dinner…

Original image: 'Baked Ziti' by: Becky

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Milk Chocolate Day

Blog Prompt: Today is Milk Chocolate Day. (Don’t get this mixed up with Chocolate milk day.) Do you like milk chocolate or dark chocolate and why?

I really like dark chocolate but I can’t eat a lot of it. It seems like it is much richer than milk chocolate and it costs more. I wish m&m’s would come with almonds in dark chocolate. Sometimes it is even hard to find the almond covered ones. I also love Hershey’s kisses with almonds but they don’t come in dark chocolate either. Maybe someday soon someone will be smart enough to mix the two ingredients!

Original image: 'self explaining addiction' by: Procsilas Moscas

Monday, July 27, 2009

Taking a Walk

Blog Prompt: Today is Take Your Pants for a Walk Day. Go for a walk (or pretend you have gone for a walk) and tell about your walk. What did you see? What was the weather like? What smells surrounded you? What did you hear?

I walked outside waiting for the students to arrive and was so happy to see how beautiful everything seemed around me. Last night we had rain so everything looked so much fresher this morning. There is a huge garden put in by the Trees of Greenville and people were weeding it last week. The breeze was blowing softly which was nice since it will probably get hot and humid later on in the day. It was quiet except for the cars driving by the school. This is the last week of this program so I will enjoy the sights and sounds while I can.

Original image: 'walking' by: Diego Sevilla Ruiz

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Festival, Tires, and Sandals

Yesterday we woke up with all intentions of going to the Bele Chere festival in Asheville, NC. While waiting for my hubby to wake up, I did some gardening, got some tomatoes from a friend, played on my computer, and then made lots of noise until he finally got out of bed. Then he decided that since we were just told (while getting an oil change) that the steel belt was showing in our tires, we shouldn’t travel far until we got new tires. We priced some tires online and then went to a couple of tire stores. Finally we decided we would go back to Walmart where we bought the tires and see if they would prorate them since they wore out after 40,000 miles and should have lasted for 60,000. They were wonderful there and we had no problems so we finally got new tires!

By this time it was really too late to enjoy the festival but there were 3 stores in Asheville that I wanted to go to. I was looking for a new pair of Teva sandals and I can only find them in outdoor stores. So, we went sandal hunting and had a great time. We got back in time to water my neighbor’s sod because she had emergency surgery right after she put a lot of sod down so we decided to surprise her and water the sod every evening.

Today we got up early, went out for breakfast and hit the flea market. After a short time at the flea market we finally went to the Bele Chere festival! It was a lot of fun because I love seeing all the arts and crafts, the children, and feeling the excitement in the air. There was also lots of music at the different stages. We only had to pay $5 to park and the festival was free. After the festival, we continued our hunt for my sandals. We went to four stores but no one had the sandals I wanted in my size. I was told that no one would have them anywhere. Finally, back at home, I found my sandals in the store that I usually don’t go to.

When we got home, we had time for dinner and watering the sod. So far, it has been a wonderful weekend!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Blog Prompt: Today is Cousin’s Day. Tell about something you remember doing with your cousins either recently or when you were a young child.

I remember spending one summer night at my cousins’ house and all of them were much older than me. I think I was the younger cousin in the whole family. All of them worked during the day so I spent the day with my aunt who did not speak any English and I didn’t speak any Chinese, but that is okay because the sound of the ice cream truck was a universal language. After dinner that night my cousins (I think there were 4 of them) took me to see their friends and I remember walking around New York city with them. I felt so grown up and included. I also remember that they didn’t treat me like a child and talked to me like an adult. I will always remember the lights of the city around me and the wonderful feeling I had being with them.

Original image: 'Jump! (explored!)' by: Taylor McBride

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hot Dogs

Blog Prompt: Today is National Hot Dog Day. How do you like to eat your hot dog? What do you put on it? Make us all hungry as you describe the perfect hot dog.

I’m not huge fan of hot dogs but my hubby likes them so we eat them. I will eat hot dogs with relish/sweet pickle cubes on them or with sauerkraut on them. If either of those choices is not available, I will eat it plain. I am allergic to mustard and I don’t like messy chili on it but my husband will eat it with everything on it and the messier, the better!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hammock Day

Blog Prompt: Today is Hammock Day. Describe a lazy summer day and what you do or don’t do.

Being retired, I have lots of lazy days in the summer and in the winter so this is easy. Lazy to me means I do whatever I want to do when I want to do it. This usually means playing on my computer, reading, knitting, and watching TV. Lazy means that I don’t do anything that might make me sweat or involves work. I don’t do any housework or gardening or exercising or thinking really hard (that can make me sweat too!). Since I have been teaching all summer, I haven’t had many lazy days but I’m not going to complain because I have enjoyed teaching too.

Original image: 'Lonely Hammock' by: Photos by Micky

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Junk Food

Blog Prompt: Today is National Junk Food Day. What favorite junk food will you eat today? Describe what it tastes like and how it makes you feel.

I am not a big junk food eater. Tonight when I am watching TV I will probably make some popcorn while watching NCIS. I don’t eat a lot of sweets and don’t eat cake. Of course it is breakfast time as I write this and I’m hungry, so right now, popcorn and cake sound really good. Oh well, time to toast a bagel! Have a great day!

Original image: 'Popcorn' by: Darren Hester

Monday, July 20, 2009

Moon Day

Blog Prompt: Today is Moon Day. Would you want to walk on the moon and why or why not?

I am not adventurous enough to want to leave this planet. It is hard enough for me to get on a plane and I’m anxious until I land. Even the thought of going to the moon gives me the creeps. I’m glad there are other people who want to do that and I would gladly let them go in my place. I really don’t like to be a pioneer when it comes to going where “no man has ever gone before.” I would not have done well as a settler moving out west or even as an explorer seeking new worlds. Even with all the traveling we do, I leave the planning and the deciding up to my husband. Of course I will give him a list of the places I want to go to and he fits that in to our travels but if he wasn’t with me, I would probably never leave home.

Original image: 'The Moon' by: P├ętur Gauti Valgeirsson

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boredom and Yellow Pigs

Thursday’s Blog Prompt: July is National Anti-Boredom Month. What are some of the things you do when you are bored.

When I am bored, I:
1. Play on my computer
2. Read a book
3. Garden
4. Knit
5. Hike
6. Eat
7. Watch TV
8. Visit friends
9. Go to the library
10. Go Shopping

Friday’s Blog Prompt: Today is Yellow Pig Day. Now I’m sure you wonder what Yellow Pig Day is so here is the explanation “Yellow Pig Day is a mathematician's holiday celebrating yellow pigs (is there such a thing!?!), and the number 17. It is celebrated annually since the early 1960's, primarily on college campuses, and primarily by mathematicians.” Make up or tell a story about the number 17.

One day when I was 17, I wished that I had 17 dollars. At the time, I didn’t have any money. Of course I was 17 many many years ago and 17 dollars could buy a lot. I could buy 17 hamburgers to eat if I was hungry. I could also use the 17 dollars to go roller skating 17 times (the roller skating rink was pretty cheap back then). I could use 17 dollars to buy clothes at the store (clothes were much cheaper back then too). If I had 17 dollars back then I would have thought I was rich. For me, 17 dollars was as good as 17 hundred dollars when I was a teenager!

Current News:

Yesterday, we went to the NC Museum of Transportation (one of our favorite museums) in Spencer, NC. We splurged and rode the 30 min. train ride too. After lunch we went to a few antique stores before it started to rain. It was a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cow Appreciation Day

Blog Prompt: Today is Cow Appreciation Day. Tell why you appreciate a cow today.

The reason I appreciate cows are that I love to eat beef. I love my steaks medium rare and tasty. When we go on the cruises, I practically have some kind of beef every night. I think beef is my favorite kind of meat. I love hamburger steaks for breakfast and hamburgers for lunch and juicy steaks for dinner.

Original image: 'Mother's Day Steaks 2' by: Liz Lawley

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Car Accident Remembered

Blog Prompt: Today is Pandemonium Day. Tell about a day in your life that was utter pandemonium.

It was Easter Sunday in April 2000 and we were returning from a camping trip. When we got home, we decided we needed to get something to eat for lunch before unpacking the car and so we left the house again. About a mile from my house, we had a car accident. An elderly lady had a heart attack and was unconscious behind the wheel. She ran a stop sign from a side street and we hit her in the passenger side of her car. Her car was wrapped around the front of our Chevy Tahoe as we spun around and around, knocking down a stop sign, and coming to rest beside her car on the corner. Witnesses say that she came across the road so hard, that the bottom of the car hit the hump in the road and caused sparks. It actually knocked a hole in her gas tank and all her gas leaked out in the sand where we stopped. (No one can figure out how that sand got there because no one remembers it ever being there). The firemen say the sand is what kept us from all bursting into flames. I’m so glad that God was taking care of us. (see the picture!)

Another person called 911 while we crawled out of our car on the passenger side. The dust from the air bags made my husband think that the car was on fire so he practically tossed me out my door. His door was jammed up to the side of the other car so he had to climb over the console and out my door. When we got out, he had to lie on the ground because of pain in his back (he re-fractured his back which had been broken when he was a teenager). The elderly lady was unconscious at the wheel still. As I sat in the middle of the road, I called a bunch of friends to tell them what happened. An ambulance quickly arrived and took my husband and me together to the hospital. When I asked if we were going to the closest hospital, I was told that we were being taken to a different one because our injuries were too severe. Since I knew I was fine, I thought my husband was dying and since he knew that all he had was back pain, he thought I was dying. It was pretty scary. Also, since I was strapped in around the shoulders and the legs, every time the ambulance turned, my butt kept sliding so far off the backboard, I had to keep asking that the guy push me back on or I would fall off.

When we arrived at the emergency room (my very first time in an emergency room as a patient), it was hectic and no rooms were available so I was left in the hallway. One nurse came to get insurance information and let me know that it was doubtful that the elderly lady would live. (Gee, thanks for sharing that with me lady!) While I was there, the friends I called arrived and of course told the hospital that they were all family so they got to see us. Another friend from school heard about the accident on her scanner since her husband works for the media and when they arrived at the scene, she recognized my car and our names so she came to the hospital, also saying she was family. It was amazing how many brothers and sisters my husband had, especially when his only sister actually arrived at the hospital to see the other “siblings.”

Eventually we were released and friends brought us home. By this time it was after dark and then we realized our car keys and house keys were with the wrecked car somewhere (we still didn’t know where). Do you know how hard it is to find a locksmith on Easter Sunday night? After called 5 or 6 locksmiths, I finally reached someone who told me that he was no longer in business and I think I started to cry on the phone. He finally agreed to come and let us in our house when he heard the story. After he got us in the house, he didn’t even charge us any money and I felt so bad later because I can’t remember his name to send him a thank you note.

By the time we got in the house, and everyone left us, we were still in shock and pretty sore. Bedtime never looked so good!

photo credit: thanks to my friend Pam Rogers

Monday, July 13, 2009

Teaching and Computers

Blog Prompt: Today is Embrace Your Geekness Day. Geeky usually refers to technology but are you “geeky” about some hobby that causes your friends and family to roll their eyes once you start to talk about it? If so, share with us and we will try not to roll our eyes!

When anyone mentions the words “teaching” or “computers” near me, my entire family can be seen rolling their eyes in the back of their heads! They are the things that make my family want to yell – Don’t get her started!!!

I love teaching and love to talk about teaching. It was more than just a job to me and I think that is why I still love it, even after retiring. I still keep my finger in it by teaching university courses in the summer and writing a daily teaching blog. I feel like it has become more of a hobby for me because I don’t need to do it in order to pay the bills. Usually in our travels I will cross paths with another teacher and we will have a great time talking about it.

The other hobby I have is using my computer. I’m not a hardware nut who can build and repair computers but I love to use the software. As I mentioned, I write a daily blog for teachers. I also plurk and twitter many times during the day (if you haven’t got hooked on one of them yet, you are missing something really fun!). I use spreadsheets to keep track of my finances and bills as well as my grocery list. I am constantly on the internet researching topics and connecting with other people (about scrapbooking, knitting, gardening, and of course – teaching).

Thanks for letting me tell you about my geekiness…and not rolling your eyes while I gushed about them.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Favorite Stuffed Animal

Blog Prompt: Today is Teddy Bear Picnic Day. Did you have a favorite childhood stuffed animal? Describe it.

I remember having a green monkey that I named Peter. I think I named him after Peter Pan but I’m not sure. I slept with him and my doll Emily (Named after Emily from the Little Princess) for many years. I told them both all my secrets and heartaches (especially when I didn’t get my way!).

Original image: '90's stuffed animals'

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sugar Cookies

Blog Prompt: Today is National Sugar Cookie Day. Do you have a sugar cookie memory that stands out? Please share it with us.

When I was growing up, my mother and sisters and I would make Christmas cookies every year. We used a cookie press that I still have and cherish. We made green cookies in the shapes of Christmas trees and wreaths. We also made red cookies in Santa shapes, whirl shapes, and candy canes. We made plain cookies in other shapes. All of the cookies were decorated with sprinkles and other fancy items. I remember giving lots of them away because we made batches and batches of these cookies. I continued this tradition with my own daughters as they were growing up.

Original image: 'Cookies' by: Jill Matsuyama

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ms. Pac Man

Blog Prompt: Today is National Video Games Day. What video game do you remember playing and what why was it so much fun?

The game that stands out in my mind is Ms. Pac Man. I thought it was so much fun! When my husband owned a video game business, we owned a bunch of video games. So, as a reward for my daughters when they finished their homework, we had Ms. Pac Man in our home for them to play on. We spent hours playing that video game and we had so much fun. I miss those family times when we all played together.

Original image: 'Ms. Pac-Man x2' by: Tom Baddley

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fried Chicken and Chocolate

Monday’s Blog Prompt: Today is National Fried Chicken Day. When was the last time you had fried chicken? Describe the event, and the taste.

I had hot wings from Kentucky Fried Chicken on Sunday. I never ate spicy food when I was growing up so now I love it. These wings are not too spicy but just right kind of spicy. I really like the hot wings from KFC because they aren’t messy when I hold them with my fingers. I really don’t like to touch my food. I know that sounds weird but I really don’t like to touch food that is messy. My husband loves messy foods especially hot wings covered in sauce.

Tuesday’s Blog Prompt: Today is Chocolate Day. What is your favorite chocolate and when was the last time you had it?

My favorite chocolate is Hershey Kisses with almonds. I could eat a whole bag of them in one sitting. I keep a jar of them on my kitchen table and try to limit myself to one kiss a day. I have been really good though and haven’t had one in about a week.

Other News:

I began supervising my Practicum class yesterday. The teachers are getting their master's degree in special ed and this class is required. All of the children (from 7 years old to 14 years old) have disabilities and need special help. This only lasts a half a day for 4 weeks so it should be a lot of fun for everyone. I have 5 teachers and 20 students so it was a lively day yesterday. One teacher was really anxious about expectations but I think we got everything straightened out. Then yesterday when a little 7 year old boy went through separation anxiety and cried, it broke my heart. I know his mom was almost in tears too. I was so relieved this morning when he arrived with a huge smile on his face which tells me that yesterday went better for him than he expected. I will be evaluating lesson plans and observing teaching during this time so I will be busy too.

Original image: 'Fried Chicken Cook-off: Thomas Keller vs. My Mom'

Friday, July 03, 2009

It’s Time to Stand Up and Protest

Blog Prompt: Today is Disobedience Day. If you could protest about something, what would it be?

I would protest about our Governor Sanford’s behavior. He has made South Carolina a laughingstock of the nation and continues to embarrass us daily. First he disappears for four days with his staff telling everyone that he went hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Then we find out this married father of four children has actually gone to Argentina to be with his girlfriend. A few days later he talks about his girlfriend and how she is actually his soul mate and this is truly a love story (not a lust story) but he will try to fall back in love with his wife. By saying this, he is talking out of both sides of his mouth. He is like a snake in the grass and we need to see him for what he really is. He also agrees to pay back thousands of dollars of public funds that he used to go meet with his mistress. Now the State Law Enforcement Division says they investigated the situation and they conclude that the governor did nothing wrong and did not misuse public funds. Ummm…they must think we are pretty stupid. Or maybe we are if we don’t continue to pressure the governor into resigning. Everyone (including his wife whom he is now separated from) keeps talking about forgiveness. Okay, let’s forgive him, but geez, let’s get him out of office!

Original image: 'you lie - banksy'

Thursday, July 02, 2009


Blog Prompt: Today is I Forgot Day. What is something you forgot and how did you solve the problem?

I am always forgetting something. In fact we used to joke about not locking the door when we go somewhere because we would be back quickly to get whatever I forgot. Now I make it a game when we travel to try to figure out what I have forgotten.

One December when we were visiting my parents, we decided to take them to Key West for the weekend. When we arrived at the hotel and unpacked the car, I asked my husband where my suitcase was. He looked around and asked me if I packed it. I told him that I had put it right beside him in the driveway to put it in the trunk. We looked everywhere and didn’t find it. Instead of being upset, we bought me a new bathing suit, some underwear, and a change of clothes. When we returned to the house 2 days later, there was my suitcase, sitting lonely in the driveway!

Original image: 'Reminder'

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Ice Cream

Blog Prompt: Today is Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day. If you could create your own flavor ice cream, what would it taste like?

I used to only eat chocolate when I was growing up. For some reason, I can’t stand just plain vanilla ice cream. Now lately, my tastes have “matured.” I would create a flavor that included chocolate (of course), and black cherry mixed together. In that ice cream would be chocolate chips and chunks of real black cherries. Maybe there is this mixture already made but I really don’t buy much ice cream in the grocery store so I don’t know. I have gotten some cherry ice creams but the actual ice cream has been cherry and not chocolate. Hmm, now I really could go for some ice cream but it is only 5am and I know Baskin and Robbins isn’t open this early. Darn!

Original image: 'Rainbow Sprinkle Soap Cones' by: Debbie