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Friday, December 04, 2009

High School Jobs

cashier Blog Prompt: Did you hold down a job in high school? How would you describe the job and how you felt about it?

I worked at a summer camp during the summer and during the school year I worked as a cashier in this fancy Chinese restaurant where my father was the maĆ®tre d. I would work with him on Tuesdays after school because we would drive there together and then get off work at 10pm. On Fridays and Saturdays we would drive in two separate cars because I would get off work at 11pm and he would have to work until about 2am. I hated working there because I didn’t speak Chinese and there was really no one to talk to. My cash register station was a separate room so people could come in for take out orders and the waiters from the dining room came to a little window to bring me money from the tables. When one really cute guy came in to order take out, he asked me when I got off work. Behind me pops up my father who informed this really cute guy that when I got off work, I was going home with my dad so it didn’t matter what time I got off work. The really cute guy took his food and left without ever looking back!

Original image: 'cash register keys' by: zen Sutherland

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