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Friday, December 04, 2009

Carnival Dream Day 1 Embarkation Day

Dream We got on the Travelynx shuttle at 10:45am which took us to the Carnival Dream ($20 roundtrip). I love this port because it was so easy to board the ship. We went straight through the security station and up to the check in desks. After we did the required paperwork (health statement and credit card stuff), we got right on the ship. Since they had an empty ship when they arrived in the port, our cabin was ready for us. Then we went up to the Lido deck for lunch. There were lots of different food stations so today we trip the Pasta Bar, which is where the Fish and Chips were on other ships. I loved the pasta but Don was disappointed that there wasn’t a Fish and Chips place. After lunch we walked around the ship and the layout was really nice. Even the muster drill went smoothly because we didn’t need to wear our life jackets and we met at different places instead of along the side of the ship. Our muster station was in the Scarlet Dining Room. After the drill, we went to the Caliente Disco where our cruise critic meet and greet gathered. I thought it was nice that so many Dream crew showed up including the cruise director Todd. Around 5pm we went back up to the Lido deck to watch the ship leave the port (which was supposed to happen at 4pm) but there were still palettes of supplies that had to be loaded on the ship. We actually didn’t start moving until we had gone to dinner at 6pm. We are sitting with a really nice couple, Tracy and Bob from Maine, so we enjoyed our first night at dinner. After dinner we went to the Welcome Aboard show. Since we finally reached international waters, I bought a soda fountain card for $6 a day and I didn’t have to pay taxes on the purchase. After the show we went up to the Lido deck to watch the Laser Experience which was really nice and I enjoyed that. What a long day we had but it was wonderful!

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Tammy said...

What a fun time. You explained a lot on a ship. I've never been on a cruise before, but I'm learning from you Pat. Have fun!! I did know what the lido deck was. hehehe. Anything with food ya know.