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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Carnival Dream Day 6 St. Thomas

We got off the ship at 7am and went to Coki Beach with Ron and Tracy. The cab ride was $9 per person each way. Since we brought dog biscuits, Don had a ball feeding the fish and they had a ball getting free food. We really enjoy this beach to go snorkeling or swimming. We saw different color fish, sea urchins, sponges and coral like brain coral. The beer was $3 each or 6 for $15. It was easy to get a taxi to go back to the ship at any time. Right next to us was Coral World. Also on the beach they had places for scuba, snuba, and rental umbrellas, chairs, snorkeling gear. There was also a bath house with a small shower head outside to rinse the salt water off. Behind us was a booth where the man sold fruit smoothies for $7 (virgin smoothies) or with rum for $8. There was also a place to rent boats and jet skis around the point. The beach was really crowded and by 2:30, we were ready to leave. The weather was perfect and the water was warm.

We came back and took a little nap before dinner. Since we were a little tired and sun burned, we called it an early evening.




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