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Friday, December 18, 2009

Carnival Miracle Day 3 Panama

013 We arrived in Panama at 7am and we got off the boat as soon as we could. We could see the canal as our ship began to dock. We could also see town where there was a Radisson and even a McDonalds. We walked out of the port terminal and headed towards the town. I was surprised that no one else was walking into town. When 016 we got a few blocks away from our ship, two policemen (they may have been military too) followed us up the street. As we prepared to cross the street to a supermarket, they stopped the traffic so we could cross. I was surprised to see that they waited outside for us and followed us up the street again. Then we reached a major intersection where the police were on bicycles. The first two policemen stayed back and the bicycle cops followed us down this main avenue. It looked like a park to me with monuments and big trees. After a few blocks, they came up beside us and told us that we needed to turn around and go the other way. I guess we were getting to a dangerous section of town so we listened to them. As we walked many blocks the other way, they followed behind us and I felt quite safe. Eventually we turned back to get to the road we started on and they turned around with us and stayed with us until we reached the first two policemen. Again, these nice policemen followed us down the road until we got back near the port terminal. It was a pretty exciting morning. We returned to the ship so I could write postcards. The ship sold postcard stamps and they would be mailed at Panama before we left the port. I couldn’t believe how hot and humid it was here. From the top of the ship, we watched ships go through the canal. The show was Christopher Graves, who we have heard before so it was an early night. We will arrive in Costa Rica at 7am so it will be another busy day.
Update on my dad:
My sister talked to the nurse’s station to find out what was going on. After my father was sent to radiology, they found the source of the bleeding and did surgery to stop the bleeding. Yesterday he was alert and his vitals were good so he may be moved out of CCU soon. Thanks to all for your prayers!
Fri 12/18 Blog Prompt: I had to stop and consider this but today is Wear a Plunger on Your Head day. Would you, could you?
Absolutely not. Just thinking of where a plunger goes and what it could touch grosses me out! No, I don’t think I could ever wear one on my head. Hmm, now wait a minute. I take that back. For enough money, I could probably easily put one on my head without a problem. Ummmm, wait a second, let me change that. Probably for any amount of money, I could be easily pop that sucker on my head!

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