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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Carnival Miracle Day 2 At Sea

It was a relaxing day at sea. After breakfast we tried to walk on the 006jogging track but the track was closed due to high winds. Instead we tried to walk around the Lido deck since it wasn’t full of people. But when we got to the front of the ship, the winds were so strong that I could almost lean forward with all my weight and the wind would keep me from falling down on my face. We made about 6 laps but it really hurt my legs from pushing forward. Then I was afraid it would push me sideways or make me break a leg so we stopped. Later we went to arts and crafts and glitter painted some visors. It is fun to 008do and I get to meet new people. I bet Wally from St. Augustine, who is another knitter and we exchanged patterns. I tried Bingo again and almost won because I only needed one number on two cards. For lunch we ate in the dining room and met William and Dora from Clarkesville, Tennessee. After lunch we walked around the deck and then relaxed until tea time. After tea time we just relaxed until dinner. One couple was not at dinner because the rough seas had made them sick. The show was an impressionist called Karen Grainger and I really enjoyed her. She sang a lot of great songs and if I closed my eyes, I could imagine the actual singer in the room with us. It was a fun day.
Update on my dad:
He had to have emergency surgery yesterday to stop the bleeding and is in ICU. That is all that I know at this point. Please keep us in your prayers.
Blog Prompt: Underdog Day. Are you the underdog?
I am always the underdog. I am never the “most popular” in any group and I’m never the “most strongest, smartest, best of anything” so I am always the underdog. I am the one least likely to do whatever. That is why, sometimes I even surprise myself.

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Tammy said...

I will be praying for your fathers fast recovery and it sounds like so much fun on the cruise. I didn't know you did craft stuff.

I am defiantly an Underdog. I guess I always will be. I guess thats why I am pushy sometimes. *s*