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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Driving Lessons

studentdriver Blog Prompt: Did you have classes in driving or were you taught by a parent? In either case, describe the experience.

My father taught me how to drive and my mother was the one who sat in the car most of the time while I practiced. She had a license but never ever drove. I think she kept her license renewed as a form of ID but I never saw her drive as long as long as she lived. When it came to teaching me how to parallel park, my parents did pay for me to have driving classes because I was so nervous and they wanted me to get used to someone else in the car. This would help me when I went for my driving test. Even after I got my license, I enrolled in driver’s ed in high school because that lowered my insurance costs.

Original image: 'Warning - She is Driving!' by: Brent Evans

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