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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Carnival Miracle Day 7 and 8

After breakfast we went to arts and crafts again where we m014ade beaded bracelets. There were a lot of people there! We had a really nice lunch with people who live in the same town as my parents. After lunch we packed and bought pictures that were taken of us along with 2 liters of vodka. I also went to a country line dancing class.  Dinner was nice too and we had another early night. We decided to watch the movie Knowing with Nicholas Cage on the movie channel. 023

We got up early for breakfast and waited for our zone to be called to get off the ship. They must have hit some snags because we didn’t get off the ship until 10:30. It was a lot of fun watching them bring on supplies though because two of the chefs were going through the boxes of food  carefully. They started to send back some of the boxes so some of the fresh food must not have been right. It was fascinating to watch because it confirms my belief that Carnival believes in top quality food.

Update on my dad:

We finally got to see him in the hospital and met with the doctor. The doctor took him off all of the tubes and insisted that he begin walking. He walked three times in the afternoon and then was able to actually have dinner. His dinner consisted of chicken broth, cranberry juice, jello, and an Italian ice. I’m so glad he is feeling better!

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