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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Carnival Miracle Day 5 At Sea

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   We spent a relaxing day at sea. After breakfast we walked for 011an hour around the track. Then we went to arts and crafts where we made bookmarks out of homemade paper. We sent our laundry out to be washed but I didn’t fill out the green slip so they will be washed the next day. Different cabin stewards do it differently and I should have checked with ours first. Lately, as Platinum members, we just stick out laundry in the white paper bag and they take it but this steward would not take it until we filled out the green paper. He also didn’t know we were platinum members which might account for us not 012getting our ship’s pins or gift so I will have to check with guest relations about that. We strolled through the ship’s shops and relaxed in our cabin until lunch. After lunch we just relaxed some more until dinner time. I finished knitting my socks and read my book while Don took a nap. It was formal night at dinner a013nd I really enjoy getting dressed up. Here are the two couples that we had dinner with each night (Evonne and Conrad; Dennis and Pat). After dinner we decided to just have an early night since we will be getting up early in the morning for a snorkeling trip in Belize.
Update on my dad:
He is healing and on a liquid diet. He must be getting better because he said he was lonely and bored. I will see him in 2 more days!

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