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These are my thoughts and opinions about life in general. I also get daily prompts from DSP which inspire me to write. If I throw in some scrapbook pages I've done, photos I've taken, and stories about me, you will have an idea about my loony life!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Looking Back on 2007

Blog Prompt: Hard to believe we are at the end of another year already. Did your year go as you planned? How about a highlight of your resolutions and/or special events?

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. This time last year I was still trying to process in my mind that I would retire at the end of the school year. It wasn't official until I told my principal in February. Then the rest of the school year was filled up with packing, saying good byes, cementing relationships, in addition to my regular teaching duties. This summer I taught my first college class and that was pretty thrilling because it was like a dream come true (the kind of dream you think would never happen in your lifetime!). I was so afraid that once school started I would really miss being back at work and that didn't happen. I LOVE not going to work and being committed to anything I don't want to do. I miss my friends and the students but not the paperwork and the aggravations. I think I will really enjoy being retired for a long time before I get bored. Then my dad had a stroke at the beginning of November and I was able to spend some time getting him situated after the stroke which I am so thankful for. If I had been working I would not have been able to do that. This year we also went on 4 cruises in the Caribbean which was wonderful! Again, I couldn't have done that if I had been working. In fact, I am busier now than when I worked full time. How do retired people do it?! I am very happy with this past year and hope my next year will be even better!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year's Resolutions 2008

Here are my New Year's Resolutions for 2008:

1. Every day, tell my husband how much I love him
2. Read my bible every day
3. Eat healthier and exercise more
4. Cook more meals when we are at home
5. Reconnect with old friends
6. Stay in touch with relatives
7. Be more positive in my attitude toard people and events that happen in my life
8. Be more flexible when things happen
9. Organize my bills regularly
10. Throw away things that I really don't need

Friday, December 28, 2007

Time Travel

Blog Prompt: On the twenty eighth day of December I will time-travel back to

I would time travel back to my college days at Furman University. I loved being in college, living in the dorms, surrounded by friends and knowledge. As the youngest child with sisters 10 and 12 years older than me, I felt like an only child. So, living in the dorm, I was surrounded by lots of sisters, plenty of clothes to share, lots of advice and always someone to talk to. I was never lonely because I would always have someone to do something with and there was always something to do. Back in those days we weren't allowed to have sororities but I was "rush girl" with a bunch of other girls for a fraternity. This was kind of like a fraternity auxiliary group. I was also a member of the Lutheran Student Association and Council for Exceptional Children. Plus I worked in the dining hall for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so I always saw my friends (who were my family at the time). The dining hall workers were always nurturing and encouraging to me as I studied for tests and exams. In fact they were like surrogate parents to me and rejoiced whenever I did well in my academics and helped me when I was struggling. Ahhh, those were the days!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

DSP prompts 12/24-12/27

Monday’s prompt: On the twenty fourth day of December I thought about my all-time favorite commercial...
My favorite commercial is the 1971 Coca-Cola commercial featuring the song “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.” I always felt so good when I saw this commercial. Why don't they make them like they used to? Uh oh, now I’ll be singing that song all day!

Tuesday’s prompt: On the twenty fifth day of December I just said no to...
I just said no to that one more chocolate kiss calling my name. I swear I could eat a whole bag of kisses without blinking an eye. Plus I have heard the radio talk about “mindless eating” three times today. Do you think it was directed at me?

Wednesday’s prompt: On the twenty sixth day of December I understand why...
I understand why I love my husband more and more each day! He puts up with me no matter what mood I may be in and loves me even if I’m having a bad hair day. He encourages me when I need it and celebrates all of my successes. He understands my thoughts and feelings better than I do sometimes.

Thursday’s prompt; On the twenty seventh day of December my advice to a 5 year old would be
Enjoy life and all the people in it. A 5 year old has such joy and innocence that it is a shame we lose that as we grow older. I love to see a 5 year old at the zoo or seeing Christmas lights or opening presents. It kind of makes me feel a little like a 5 year old all over again.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

On the twenty first day of December I would love to see

I would love to see snow. Unfortunately I'm here in southern FL and unless a miracle happens, it is highly unlikely. I love where we live in SC because when it snows, it only lasts a day or two and is never ugly black for months like I remember it was in NY when I was growing up. It is magical when it snows and we like to get up early in the morning to play it in. The world is quiet and soft and innocent at this time of the day. The white blanket of snow makes everything look new and wonderful. So all of you who have snow right now, enjoy it for me please!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

DSP prompts 12/18-12/20

Tuesday’s prompt: On the eighteenth day of December I will have small talk (or deep conversation with ) about
I will talk to my husband about our trip home. It was really hard to decide when to leave my dad’s house because I love him and I’m afraid this is the last holiday season with him but I really really miss my home too. I wonder if any of my plants are still alive and I miss my own bed, TV, routine etc. My husband would be happy if we never went home and just wandered around the country on a whim and a prayer but I think I’m more grounded. I love my dad and stepmom but I’m tired of sleeping on their sleeper sofa in the middle of the livingroom and playing cards each night but I feel guilty for thinking this too. My wonderful husband is happy with whatever I decide so we will have this deep conversation and then make the big decision.

Wednesday’s prompt: On the nineteenth day of December I think I tried pet food when
The only pet food I ever tried has been the real food that turned into leftovers for the dog. I have never tried real pet food and don’t think I ever will. I’m a picky eater so unless it is slipped to me without me knowing it, this will never happen!

Thursday's prompt: On the twentieth day of December I will prepare
I will prepare to improve myself (body, physical health, mental health etc.) this coming year. I will eat better and use less salt (man, I LOVE salt!) and exercise more and keep a positive outlook on life. I look for the best in every person I meet and every challenge that comes my way! I look forward to a wonderful year!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Which Museum Would I Visit?

On the seventeenth day of December I wanted to visit a Museum of Art OR a Museum of Natural History.

I would definitely visit the Museum of Natural History. I am not an art connoisseur and would totally embarrass myself. I like the impressionist art like Monet and some sculptures but that is about it. Once I took my husband to the Guggenheim Museum in NY because I remember going there when I was in school. The artist featured was Miro and if you have seen any Miro work, you will understand why my good ol’ country boy husband was not impressed. He spent the whole time saying our children did work like this and how could anyone spend thousands of dollars buying this junk. Then an elderly lady in a mink coat and enough jewels on her fingers to blind you turned to him and said, “Young man, I own a some of Miro’s work and they are hanging in my house!” Then my darling hubby replied, “Well lady, you got ripped off!” At that time, I grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the museum before we got thrown out. But I love Museums of Natural History and New York and Washington DC’s Smithsonian are great ones to visit. I find them totally fascinating and also safe because I know my husband won’t embarrass the dickens out of me!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hamburgers and Choices

Thursday’s prompt: On the thirteenth day of December I really wanted a hamburger with…
I love a hamburger with mushrooms and cheese on it. And of course the hamburger has to be a juicy one and not those big old dry things that taste like sawdust. The best hamburgers I ever got were in Texas because they were so big that they took up the entire plate and they were cheap! I always had to cut the monster in half just to pick it up and eat it. Boy, do those Texans know how to cook beef! Hmm, now I’m hungry and it is only 5am on a ship in the middle of the ocean with nowhere to get a burger…ahhh, but there is 24 hour room service!

Friday’s prompt: On the fourteenth day of December if I had a choice I think I would rather have a 3 day week or fifty extra dollars a week…
Definitely $50 extra since I am now retired! Boy, do I sound lazy or just spoiled?? I don’t know what I would spend the $50 on though because I can’t think of anything I want right now. I’m hoping when I read other people’s wishes I might find something I can’t live without!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Middle Name Tag

I was tagged by mom2triplets04. (and I'm so glad I have a short middle name!)

Tag Rules:
1. The players must use the letters from their middle name as facts that are relevant in your life. If you do not have a middle name, you can make one up or one you would have liked.
2. When you are tagged, you need to do a blogspot, containing your own middle name and the game facts.
3. At the end of your blogpost, you need to tag a person for every letter of your middle name as well as leaving them a comment to let them know you have tagged them.

R – rambunctious. As a child my parents were very strict and I had to be the perfect quiet little child. Now that I’m grown up, I have given myself permission to be rambunctious.
U- unique. I am very different than most people with an odd sense of humor. I am always putting my foot in my mouth.
T – timid. I am always scared to try new things and sometimes have to force myself to do things.
H- happy. I love my life and my hubby so I’m a pretty happy person. I try to keep a positive out look on life.
I’m tagging the following people: (I don't know anyone except the one for T but if I think of others, I will add them)

T- Tink2Zoe

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mon. - Wed. DSP prompts

Monday’s prompt: On the tenth day of December I wished that (blank) would play me in my life story movie.
I wished that Ming-Na would play me in my life story movie because she is the most beautiful Asian actress I have ever seen. She played June in the Joy Luck Club which is one of my favorite movies because a lot of the scenes remind me of what it was like for me growing up a Chinese-American in a traditional Chinese family. Of course I am not saying that I’m beautiful but if she played me, most people would think I was!

Tuesday’s prompt: On the eleventh day of December I think about how the best food comes from...
The best food comes from Italy! I always say I should have been born Italian instead of Chinese. I love all Italian food and when we went to Italy for 15 days, I was in heaven! I love pasta in any shape or form and it is my downfall. That is the main reason why I gain weight on my cruises because I hunt out the pasta and eat until I can’t eat anymore!

Wednesday's prompt: On the twelfth day of December I remembered my favorite dream and it was...
I really don’t have a favorite dream because I can’t remember what I dream if I dream. Sometimes I remember when I first wake up and can’t wait to tell my hubby but when he wakes up, I’ve forgotten it already.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Book I Want to Read

Blog Prompt: On the sixth day of December I will pick up (a book) to read because of its
On the sixth day of December I will pick up the book When the Emperor Was Divine by Julie Otsuka to read because of its educational value and interesting topic. I read about this in another blog where the teacher recommended this for the classroom so I can't wait to get home to find it. Here is what she wrote about it " When the Emperor was Divine is a story of a family that is evacuated during WWII to an internment camp. The main characters in the story are the mother, her two children (sister/daughter and brother/son) and the father. The characters names are never revealed, perhaps making it a story that is universal to all of those of Japanese ancestry, living in the United States during this time."

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Something I Watched

Blog Prompt: On the fifth day of December I watched (name of show) then wished (blank)

Since I am still on my cruise (not to rub it in), I haven't watched TV in two weeks so I can't name a show but I will add something else.

On the fifth day of December I watched children on the beach in St. Thomas then wished everyone could enjoy life and nature with such innocence and wonder. This little girl thought it was Christmas and her birthday and every other holiday all rolled up in one. If I was a great photographer, I would have captured the look on her face when she put her feet in the water.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What I Shouldn't Have Eaten

Blog Prompt: On the fourth day of December it occurred to me that I shouldn't have eaten (blank) yesterday because

On the fourth day of December it occurred to me that I shouldn't have eaten 7 pieces of pizza yesterday because I will be as huge as a barrel when we get done with out cruises! Last night we did a Bioluminescence Bay kayak tour in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We left at 5pm and returned around 10:30 which means we missed our assigned dinner (and God forbid I ever miss a meal!!!). Of course I ate lunch at noon and was too excited to eat again before we left so needless to say, I was starving when I returned! And then after the pizza I just had to have a chocolate ice cream cone (the pizza buffet and ice cream station is open 24 hours!). Hmm, it is now breakfast and I'm hungry again.

Monday, December 03, 2007

What I Used to Be Called

Blog Prompt: On the third day of December I suddenly remembered that people use to call me (blank) because

On the third day of December I suddenly remembered that people use to call me Loony because my last name was Loon. I was very shy growing up and being the only Asian at my school, I was picked on a lot! Teenagers pick on anyone who is different so I was the one who was always stuffed in a locker or threatened to be beat up. I was never beat up but I was just threatened and scared a lot. Finally I got tired of it all and when this big mean ugly vicious girl came up to me and told me she was going to beat me up, I laid down on the ground and told her to go ahead! She thought I was crazy and asked why I was on the ground so I told her that she would put me here anyway so I just saved her the trouble. The gang of girls around her just looked at me with amazement and she shook her head. Then she announced that I was just "loony" and everyone better leave me alone. From that point on, I was Loony and no one bothered me! I never minded anyone calling me that and for 6 years after that, that is what students, friends, teachers, and administrators called me. Now only my internet friends call me this!