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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Carnival Dream Day 5 Tortola

We arrived in Tortola at 7am and it was already hot. Soon after we got off the ship, they closed the dock to allow the Norwegian Dawn to tie up. We walked around town and when Pusser’s store opened up, Don got to buy the 2 hats he wanted to buy. He had one but it was getting old and worn and he loves that hat. At all the ports we stay on ship’s time and not the island time which was an hour later than ship’s time. After walking around the town, we thought about going to the Cane Garden Bay Beach but as we walked to the taxi, we saw our friend Bob who was taking a group around the island and he invited us to go with him. It was a lot of fun and we went around the island and even stopped at the beach. We also stopped to watch people swim with the dolphins and we went to a Callwood rum distillery. When we got back to the ship about 3 hours later, we went back on the ship to have lunch. After lunch, we went back out to the town and walked around the vendors tents near the ship. It was extremely hot and humid though so we came back to the ship a few hours later.

At 5pm we had the Past Guests Reception which took place at all the 5th floor bars on the back of the ship. Since they had about 3000 Past Guests, it was very full but they kept the free drinks and foods going the entire time. I think this was better than the other receptions we had gone to because it allowed people to mix and mingle with each other rather than just sitting in the main show room. We met a lot of nice people and really enjoyed ourselves.

After dinner we went to the show called Dancing in the Street which I thought was exceptional. They included break dancing and some other feats of strength and daring. I really enjoy the Carnival shows more than shows on any other ship that I’ve been on.

It was another full day and we arrive in St. Thomas at 7am so we had an early night again.

024 Swimming with the dolphins

029 Along the coast

040  Beautiful View

077 View from the mountain090 Arts and Crafts

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Tammy said...

My goodness your cruise sounds wonderful!! I love the pictures.