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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Super Power

Blog Prompt: If you could have any super power, flying, transportation, invisibiliity, etc..., what would you want to have?

If I could have any super power, I would like to have the power of strength. Iwould clean out my utility shed, which I've wanted to do for 2 years but it takes 2 people because some of the stuff is too heavy for me to lift. I would be able to organize the attic alone because again, it takes 2 people to move some of the boxes that are there. If I do it alone, I have to unpack each box in order to move it and it will take twice as long. So instead, I don't do it at all and it is never done! All my life I've had puny arms and very little arm strength. If I was hanging off a mountain, I'd be better off hanging on with my legs which have a lot of strength from all my hiking, than my arms. If I depended my life on my arms today, well, the funeral would be tomorrow!

Update about weekend: Yesterday I planned to get up early and do some gardening but instead hubby asked me to go out to breakfast. Then we went to a flea market (which no one was at because it was too dang cold!). Then we ended up at a car lot and 8 hours later, came home with a new car! We bought a Toyota Prius which is supposed to get 51/60 miles to the gallon. This is the first new car that I get to drive to work. All of the other new cars have been my hubby's car but this one is mine! Wooo Hooo! With gas prices going up again, we had to do something. Especially with us planning on retiring and wanting to travel. Nothing like impulse buying to make a weekend a happy one!


karen said...

That's not bad Pat. You went to a flea market and came home with a new Prius.
I'll be interested to hear how you find it as i have been thinking about making one of those my next car.

Stephanie said...

I love getting new cars... not that I have in a while though. hehehe Mine is going to die on me pretty soon.

I never thought of strengt... but I think that would be a great super power to have too!