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Friday, March 09, 2007

I wish someone told me...

Blog Prompt: Begin your entry with "I wish someone had told me..."

I wish someone had told me...
  • that making a marriage work is hard work even if my parents made it look so easy (people shouldn't take it for granted).
  • you can have your cake and eat it too if you find a career that you love.
  • that you need to think about retirement at least 20 years before you retire (I learned the hard way!)
  • hiking was so much fun (I had to learn this on my own when I was able to make my own decisions).
  • how lucky I was to be an American (I learned this especially when I visited China 7 years ago).
  • sometimes people will try to put you down but you can't let them do that if you really want to achieve your goals (I was told so many times about the things I wasn't capable of doing so I never tried).
  • life isn't always fair (how many times did we think this when we are little?).
  • not everyone will like me and that is okay (for so long I wanted to be liked by everyone).
  • you can't please everyone all the time (that is why I lost all my hair due to stress).
  • that your life turns out to be what you make of it (I have learned more about having a good attitude each morning from my hubby, who is the happiest person I know because he chooses to be!)


Stephani said...

These are all terrific! Words to live by!

Stacey said...

When I think about it, I know people told me most of the things you list. But I guess they never told me to listen. :) I've been learning all these things as well.

I was watching a show once, 8-10 years ago, about women's roles in history and in other current cultures and at the end of it all I could say was "Thank you God for letting me be born in America in the late 20th century." It was probably the first time that it really hit me emotionally as well as mentally how lucky I really I am.

Stephanie said...

I will keep these in mind! Thank you for telling me. :)

CompooperTeacher said...

Every time I read your blog posts, I think that you and I would be good friends if we lived near each other. We think alike and have similar interests (okay, so I don't hike but prefer to sit on my tush on the computer). Hey! Wanna move to Florida??