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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday Hiking

Last night we saw on the news that it was going to rain all weekend, so we decided not to go hiking on Saturday. Well, this morning we got up and it was cloudy but pretty comfortable in temperature when we went out for breakfast. After breakfast we went to the flea market (which is my hubby's favorite thing to do next to watching TV) and he found some great treasures for next to nothing. The temperature got warmer and the sun came out so we went home, threw our gear in the car and headed up to the mountains. It turned out to be a beautiful day after all. We hiked to 2 different waterfalls (yes, I got some great pictures!). We saw beautiful scenery and got exercise too! Not to mention that we got 50 miles per gallon in our new car!!! I love days like this!

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glynis said...

Oh your weekend sounds wonderful, Pat!! And you really had some great prompts this week, but I unfortunately had to take care of other things, like 'life'! :) No time for fun stuff like blogging!