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Friday, August 31, 2007

Dress Code

Blog Prompt: Now that school has started back here, the big issue is the dress code. Do you agree with having a dress code and if so, who should determine what it should be? Should it be the principal, the school board, the students, the parents, the state dept. of ed or someone else?

After teaching all these years, I'm all in favor of a dress code. We are in the business of teaching children, so shouldn't we teach them how to dress appropriately? I am not in favor of uniforms because I don't think that necessarily teaches kids how to dress appropriately, just the same. I am so sick and tired of seeing pants falling off of boy's backsides and showing 4 or 5 pairs of boxers they have on, girls showing their tummies with pierced things sticking out and more than likely many of these young girls are overweight and they roll over the waistband of their stretch pants to show even more skin...oh sorry, I'm getting agitated just thinking about it! Little girls are dressing like hoochie mamas (that's what my students called girls who were loose!). I always wondered if that was Jon Benet Ramsey's downfall. It disgusts me to watch the boys holding on to the front of their pants with one hand, while they talk on a cell phone on the other. What kind of jobs do these kids plan on getting? Even construction workers don't wear sagging pants because of the safety issue!

I think there should be a committee of students, parents, school personnel, and business people who decide what the dress code should be. This way everyone can have input into what and why. I don't think there is any way to please all of the people all of the time, but I think it is time for someone to do something!


Tink said...

Agreed. But I wonder how much can be reflected back on the parents. Kids in elementary school are dressing in what their parents bought them.

ArcaneFaery said...

clap clap clap!!!! very well said!

Sandra said...

Very tactfully and succinctly expressed. How about the stinkin' flip flops?! They're banned, but girls still keep wearing them!

Karen (Karooch from Scraps of Mind) said...

When I was at school I hated that we had to wear uniforms because they were so daggy looking (even after we had rolled the waistbands of our skirts over 4 times to shorten the skirt, also giving us a spare tyre around the middle but that didn't matter). But as an adult I recognise that a uniform evens out the social backgrounds. I was a scholarship student and I suspect if we didn't have a uniform I would have been miserable as my parents wouldn't have been able to afford to dress me like many of my peers. And as a teenage girl, that would have been a fate worse than death.