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Thursday, May 17, 2007

This Week's Good Thing

Blog Prompt: Tell about something that made you feel good this week.

I was feeling whine-y yesterday and grumping about my bad day on Tuesday to my assistant early before school started. I was worried about what kind of day it would be when my friend came in to say good morning. All of a sudden she puts a gift bag on my desk and a card. She just decided to give me a gift and thank me for being her friend. Inside was a glass jar full of ...chocolate kisses! Now folks, you can't beat a load of chocolate kisses when you are feeling blah! I ate them all day long! Can you believe how sweet she is? All year long she is dropping little gifts on my desk and I just don't think she knows how much they mean to me. She is always so thoughtful and caring and I wish I could be that way. I want to be and think about giving little gifts like that but I never actually do it. She is always giving little gifts and getting cards for people to make their day brighter. I'm so thankful that God brought her into my circle of friends!


glynis said...

You are sooo right--nothing beats chocolate! And having thoughtful friends is one of life's pleasures, isn't it?

Tammy said...

Oh wow, what a really sweet, sweet thing to do!! *mumbles* Where was she the past 3 weeks when I was feeling crappy? It's great to have wonderful friends like that.

Rachael said...

What a wonderful friend! Seems like we sometimes forget how the simple things we can do mean so much to others. Your friend has inspired me to do the same. Thank you.

Stephani said...

That is wonderful! And really sweet. She sounds like a neat neat lady!

karen said...

She sounds like a great pick-me-up to have in your life Pat. I can understand how you feel. I often think how I'd like to be that sort of person who thinks about those little things that have such a lot of impact, but like you I guess I'm not cut from that fabric.
Thank heavens there are people like your friend who are.