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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Teenage Meals

Blog Prompt: What typical evening meals did you eat as a teenager? Did your mother or father prepare them or did you? What was your favorite? Least favorite?

My dad was the one who cooked dinner every day and it was usually ready within 30 min. after I got home from school. We all ate together and then my dad had to leave for work. My sister cooked on Tuesdays when my dad went into work at 10am and came home early that night. She usually cooked macaroni and cheese every week! I'm not sure I had a favorite but we usually had Chinese food every night except on Tuesdays. On special holidays though my parents might cook lamb and I detested lamb. I still hate it to this day. I remember they served it with mint jelly that was bright green and I never understood why we ate something that tasted so bad you had to disguise it with this disgusting green jelly!


Tammy said...

My mother tried that once, disquising food with something else. Never worked!!

Tink said...

LOL. Sounds like the Oysters Rockefeller that my mother tried to get me to try once. Yucko.