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Monday, June 04, 2007

Embarrassing Baby Story

Blog Prompt: We all have had stories told to us about our younger years. Fun, silly or embarassing things we have done. So today, think about a story that you were told about yourself that happened before you were 3 years old.

First of all, I'm glad you didn't say before you were 10 because that would have been even more embarrassing! I know my family still talks about how spoiled I was as a baby (in fact, at 47 I think I'm still spoiled!). My mother thought I wouldn't ever learn to walk or talk because my sister's carried me everywhere and I never wanted for anything. When I was little I was a daddy's girl (and I still am) but my father worked in a restaurant from 3 in the afternoon to 2 in the morning. When it was bed time, I would scream and cry and refuse to go to sleep. My sisters would walk me and rock me and do all they could to shut me up. My mother would escape to the next door neighbor's house (but she could still hear me!). They said that I was a poster child for justified child abuse. I would continue until my father came home and then I would fall asleep. They did all they could to get me tired during the day, not let me nap, everything they could think of but nothing worked.


glynis said...

That doesn't sound like a lot of fun for your family...what a pain they must have thought you were :) LOL Thanks for sharing !

Rachael said...

Great story! I imagine myself just like your mother, hiding next door, probally crying. Thanks for sharing.

Stephani said...

Looney! That is just too funny! And look how well you turned out anyway despite all the spoiling!! lol!

Rusheika said...

Hi Pat! That was fun to read...I am sure not fun for your family... but makes for a great story now!!

Anonymous said...

oh what a girl. lol. my daughter's are daddy's girls too...but when the senseless crying went on too long, I popped their legs a few times and left the room, closed the door and turned up the tv/radio whatever. I know...bad me lol.

btw, lol i hope you've stopped crying by now :)

Tammy said...

OH my gosh!!! This is too funny!! Sounds like putting the baby in a car to drive them around town to get them to fall asleep. Great story

Whitehorse14 said...

LOL funny especially when mom went next door to hide, but dear old Pat's whalings were to loud to escape.....hahahaha.

I love the Scrapbook Layouts you have here..amazing. I'm going to have to try to explore in mine and see how to do all of these neat things.

hugs Debs