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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Blog Prompt: Take a book or dictionary, hold it closed with the spine in your lap. Now remove your hands and let it fall open. Close your eyes and place a finger on the page. What is the closest word to your finger? Write a paragraph around that word.

I’m reading the book Knit Two by Kate Jacobs which is a novel about A Friday Night Knitting Club so I’m so relieved my finger touched the word “yarn.”

I am a beginner knitter so I’ve been trying to read books (fiction and non fiction) and listen to podcasts about knitting. I want to eventually be able to knit these beautiful sweaters that I see but it is far into the future before that happens. The big topic in most of the books and podcasts are about yarn. I never realized there were so many different weights, textures, and fibers dealing with yarn. I went into my first yarn store a couple of months ago (which is very different from a hobby/craft store) and felt like I was Alice in Wonderland who fell down the rabbit hole. I had never seen so many colors and felt so many different skeins of yarn. It was quite magical. Right now I am mostly buying Red Heart yarn from Wal-Mart because I feel it is reasonably priced and easy to get more of as we travel around the country. I have seen some yarn that cost over $30 for a skein but I don’t foresee me spending that kind of money on yarn. I love going to my Monday night knitting group to see the yarn that others are using and hear them talk about the different yarns. It seems like different yarns have different personalities. I hope someday to become friends with other yarns too.

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Beth said...

I definitely don't use the super expensive yarn . . . but it is truly pleasurable to knit with the better yarns. I just finished a pair of minutes in a wool blend that was so soft and sweet to knit.

I did wool, felted mittens for the kids that was so easy to use. I do love yarn stores. It's like walking into a room just full of potential. The ideas!! Ahh, it's too bad things such as "budget" bring me back to earth!! LOL

Love reading this! Makes my fingers itch to knit!

Tammy said...

I've never knitted before and it does sound like so much fun. BUT, since I live where its warm all the time, I wouldn't be able to wear what I make.

Tink said...

We use to have a yarn store here, but it has shut down many years ago. Before I ever got the chance to go in it. My MIL knits all the time using whatever type of yarn the pattern calls for. But then she is an expert. I am like you, I prefer to use something like Red Heart. Easy to obtain and I don't feel so bad if I really mess it up and have to junk it, LOL.

I always enjoy hearing your yarns about yarn. :)

mom2triplets04 said...

That's cool you found a knitting club. I am mainly doing the knitting on my own while watching TV. Right now I'm doing 2 projects at once. I know crazy. I'm trying to complete a scarf for me and a baby blanket for my niece or nephew. Can you send me the website you mentioned again that you found knitting patterns for free?