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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Favorite Quote

Blog Prompt: What is your favorite quote and how does it apply to you?

“What goes around, comes around.” (I’m not sure who said it first but I’ve heard it all my life!)
I believe this truly happens in life. Most people refer to this when they are encountering bad things but I think it also applies to good things. Many times I have let someone with just a few items go ahead of me in the line at the store and others have let me do the same thing. I have let a car out of a driveway into traffic because I know I will need that courtesy some time. When someone cuts me off on the highway, I try to remember that it could be me in that car and I either wasn’t paying attention or I could be in a big rush. Sometimes it might be doing a small kindness for others because some day we might need it. One time we were traveling out of state and had a flat tire. My husband was having back problems so I was trying to help him with the tire when a young couple helped us change our tire and wouldn’t accept any money for it. We also bring hot chocolate and food near the Appalachian Trail when we can so we can share it with hikers who are backpacking on the trail. Sometimes it is a long trip between food stops so we want to help all we can. Someday when I hike the trail, I may need this help so I consider it “banking” good deeds.

Update: Power line is fixed so we will be tree cutting today! Yippee! (not)

Original image: 'The Free Hugs Day' by: Grzegorz Łobiński


Tammy said...

Oh my gosh!! I can't believe we chose the same quote!!! We are alike Pat. hehehe

Tink said...

hahaha you and Tammy had the same quote. How funny is that. It's a good quote though and I like how it affects you.

Life Psalm; Pixel Punkin said...

Great quote! I 've heard it all my life too, and I can say it's true. (We got no snow!)