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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Problem Solving and Adventure Day 12 (Oregon)

“You have to remember: Problems can be solved. There is something you can do.” ~Jim Hensen. What are your steps to solving problems?

When I have a problems I usually:
1. Obsess about it by talking it all over in my mind and even have conversations with myself about the problem.
2. Then I think of how I want to handle it and the consequences of my actions. I try to look at positive and negative effects.
3. Then I decide how I plan on handling the situation.
4. Then I rant about it to my husband. Of course he wants to help me solve the problem (his way) and I just want him to listen. Then we usually end up arguing about it.
5. It will be a huge weight on my shoulders until I solve the problem and usually can’t do anything until it is solved.

Travel Notes:

We got up and decided to wash laundry before we checked out of the hotel. While the clothes were washing, we were able to eat breakfast. Now we have all clean clothes for the week we are in Seattle at my conference.

After the laundry was finished, we headed down the road along the Historic Columbia River Highway and stopped at the Crown Point Vista House where these nice volunteers gave us lots of useful information about what to see and where to stop. Our first waterfall we stopped at was the Latourell Falls which was gorgeous. Then we stopped at Wahkeena Falls which was nice too. But the Multnomah Falls was magnificent. If you ever get here, these were worth coming to see. There were lots of hiking trails and we wished we had more time to hike but maybe that means we will come back to visit.

After the waterfalls, we stopped at the Bonneville Dam where we we visited the fish hatchery and the sturgeon viewing center. Then at the dam we saw the fish ladders and got a tour of the power house. When we go to Cascade Locks, we crossed over the Bridge of the Gods to Washington. We started to head towards Hood River but then decided it was getting late and we needed to head towards Seattle. I finally got a chance to drive for a little while and drove until we got to the other side of Vancouver, WA. Since it was about 6:30pm, we decided to find a hotel room and stop for the night.

See more pictures on Flickr – Click HERE.

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Tink said...

What great pictures. Love the one of the waterfall. Now I have to check out the ones on flickr, LOL. Isn't it nice to have some down time, even when you are on vacation? Well, you're not really on vacation, but you know what I mean.

You are much better than I at organizing your anger. I blow first then think later.