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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Art and Adventure Day 7 (Colorado)

Blog prompt: Art in its many forms. Do you feel you are artistic? Can you draw, paint or sculpt?

I was never artistic and won’t fool myself into thinking I ever will be. I cannot draw, paint, or sculpt. My older sister was the talented artist in my family, which she got from my father who was also artistic. I was the book worm of the family so no one ever expected any art tendencies from me. I really appreciate the artwork of others because I know how hard it would be to do something artistic. I guess the world needs those who are artists and those who appreciate the art.

Travel notes:

Today was spent mostly driving west. Before we got out of Kansas though, we crossed over into the Mountain Time Zone so we got an extra hour in the day. We also had to find a post office so I could buy stamps. We stopped in a town called Goodland and they had a gigantic replica of a Van Gogh painting on an easel.

Then we got into Colorado and decided to go southwest to Colorado Springs instead of Denver. We got a reservation at the Hampton Inn which was nice and then drove around town. We had wonderful views of Pike's Peak too. We ended up going to the Garden of the Gods, which was free and hiked around some of the rock formations before it got dark. Then we drove to the Cog Railway to see what the train looked like that goes up to Pike’s Peak. Then we find out that there will be blizzard conditions here so we may be snowed in here until Saturday.

After driving for about 8 hours, we are pooped!
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Anonymous said...

u have to be somewhat artistic you do knit..and I add are a very good knitter at that...dyanna

Tink said...

Your stop in Goodland and the prompt sure seemed to go hand in hand. But where did you get the idea you aren't artistic? Just look at all your layouts (Indy is fascinated with Fun Ship Freddie and won't let me move on to another post, LOL).