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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Daily Traditions and Snow Hassles

Blog Prompt: Almost all of us have some kind of annual tradition; but what about daily traditions? Do you all sit down together at dinner? Have special times and places for homework? Bedtime routines that almost never waver?

I admit to being a creature of habit. I get up every morning at 5am and have my “me” time until hubby wakes up around 7am. Then we eat breakfast together. Around noon, we have lunch together. Sometimes I will meet friends for lunch and he is home alone and forgets to eat. At 5pm, we have dinner together. We usually wait until one of us is ready to go to bed, and then we go to bed together. I can’t sleep in that bed alone and haven’t for 26 years (except two times when he had to go away for his job). I guess you could say that we are inseparable and we really enjoy spending every minute we can together.
Now for the snow hassles:

We recently had a snow storm here and it was the most snow I remember in years. We got about a foot of snow in our yard. In fact, school has been closed for 2 days. Unfortunately we have had a mess at two of our rental houses. A tree has fallen down at both of them and one of them landed on the house. Luckily there was no structural damage so I am thankful for that. One of the houses has no power because the tree took down the power lines. The fire department came out and pulled the meter box from the house because of a possibility of fire and roped off the road because of the power lines hanging across it. They were supposed to have the power back on yesterday but now are saying possibly Wednesday. Who knows what they will say on Wednesday. We got the tree off of one house and cleaned up but we can’t take care of the other one until the power lines get fixed. What a pain in the neck!


Stephanie said...

What a mess. I hope you can get it resolved quickly. Snow is so pretty, but it so often makes a mess of southern states.

Tammy said...

You and your husband have a wonderful life together. Don't you love it!!

I feel for ya when it comes to damage at a rental property. I hate when we get those phone calls. So I know what you are going through.

Glynis said...

Your life certainly doesn't seem boring! I'm so glad no one go hurt. I'll be thinking about you when it's surprisingly warm up here today...60 degrees I think !!

Tink said...

You definitely are more like my sister, LOL. Sorry to hear about the snow woes. I wonder if Nuke got any.... :)