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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Achievements: Yesterday and Today

Tuesday’s blog prompt: Achievement connotes accomplishment of something noteworthy, after much effort and often in spite of obstacles and discouragements. What do you feel is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement is being a teacher and making a difference in someone’s life. I have met former students who have told me that I influenced their lives and it makes me feel so proud of what they have done with their lives because I believed in them and taught them so much. When they were in my class, all of my students had to write “I am a Born Winner” on their papers before I would accept them. Many have told me that it has helped them later on in their life. Even when I was a little girl, I had always wanted to be a teacher and continue to teach now on the university level to other teachers. My husband told me the other day that he thinks all teachers just have it in their blood and will never stop teaching until they die. I wanted to share a message on facebook that I got this morning from the parent of a former student:

“It is so great to touch base with you! You look comfortable in that lounge chair! Hope all is well with you. You would be so proud of David. My husband John and I went to see him preach this weekend. I was in awe to see how good he was and how he seemed to move the congregation. I'm just so proud. HE'S a BORN WINNER.!!!
My husband would love to meet you. He's CTE director of … County Schools. He has told me many times that he wished he had a few Mrs Hensleys at …. High. I told him there's only one!
We have 4 more years till retirement. He has said many times he would quit if it weren't for the kids. You would not believe the stuff he has to put up with! I often tell him ,"Well, Mrs Hensley would do this or that" He will say ,"Thats a great idea!"…
So glad David found you!
I will always love you for what all you did for David. And thats the truth!"

Wednesday’s prompt: Now is the time to ask yourself what you intend to accomplish today. Write it down and then follow up later in your post as to what on your list, if any, you did.

Here is what I hope to do today but they are not listed in any particular order:
(those in italics are completed)

1. Weed flower beds (completed by 9:30am)
2. Buy pine needles and spread them (after 2 trips to Lowes - completed by 2:30pm)
3. Wash clothes (completed by 2:30pm)
4. Fold clothes
5. Knit (completed by 11am)
6. Read (completed by 11am)
7. Work on presentation (completed by 11am)
8. Go buy some more yarn
9. Start packing for trip
10. Read blogs in Google Reader (completed by 3:15pm)

Also in the day I have completed the following which was not on the list at the beginning of today:
Went to Post Office
Went to Burger King for lunch
Dragged brush to the street
Cooked dinner
Washed dinner dishes

Original image: 'Smart Board Technology in Jay's Classroom'


Tammy said...

Isn't that wonderful news Pat. What a great story to read. You have tons to do today for sure.

Tink said...

I was teary eyed by the finish of the letter to you. What a beautiful comment on the person you are.

You got more accomplished than me, LOL.