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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Face to Face with Difficulty

Blog prompt: When you come face to face with a difficulty what is your first impulse?

My first impulse is to crawl in bed and cover my head. I want to be like a turtle and pull back into my shell. One time a man tried to break into our hotel room in FL and Don was trying to push the door shut as the man was trying to push it open. As he held the door, Don was trying to wake me up so I could call 911 or help or the front desk or anything but all I would do was burrow under the blankets. Finally I made the phone call and the man was caught. I will never live this down and we still laugh about it. Of course I realize that I have to confront whatever is the difficulty and get it behind me in order to get on with my life, which I normally do, once I get past my first impulse.

Update: Click here to see the first part of my TV interview.

Original image: 'This is either the most boring game of Chicken known to dog or the most improbable "staring game" ever played.' by: Christopher


Beth said...

What a great interview Pat!! I loved hearing your voice. It's cool to see and hear you!

Loved it!

Tink said...

Oh my, what a great interview. You looked and sounded fantastic.

And I think I'll join you under the covers for the next difficulty I have to face, LOL.