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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Homeopathy and Adventure Day 6 (Kansas)

Blog prompt: Ayurveda is the conventional Hindu system of medicine, founded chiefly on naturopathy and homeopathy. Have you ever tried an unconventional method of healing? What are your thoughts on it?

We believe that Echinacea really helps when we feel a cold coming on. It seems like the cold is gone by the next day. My father has this Chinese medicine (I couldn’t tell you the name or what it has in it) that is supposed to help on aches and bruises. I know when I was young, I badly sprained my ankle from horseback riding (that is another strange story that I won’t go into) and my ankle swelled up three times its size. My father rubbed this heated brown medicine on it and the next day, my ankle was normal. I also got a little frostbite on my feet from shoveling snow when I was a teenager and my dad rubbed this on my feet. The next day I was all better. I think there are some medicines out there that the medical community doesn’t want you to know about because it will cost them money. I also think part of what works is whether you believe it will work or not. I truly believe that mental attitude plays a big part in healing.

Travel Notes:

We went to Dutch Kitchen Restaurant for breakfast and then arrived at the Salt Museum as soon as it opened at 9am. Our tour began at 9:20 and there were 6 of us. We went 650 feet underground to see the salt mine. They also store lots of important government items as well as movie items here for safekeeping. It was a really cool tour and would recommend this to anyone in the area. We left there about 11:15 to meet Plurk friends for lunch.

We ate lunch at Roy’s Barbecue with Howie, Joel, Tom, and Jerry. The food was really tasty.

After lunch we went to the Cosmosphere and saw an IMAX movie about Dinosaurs which was really good. After that we went to the Planetarium to learn about the constellations. I really enjoyed that program and learned a lot about the stars. I hope I will be able to identify more constellations after this. Then we went to Dr. Goddard’s Lab where Howie gave a great presentation about rocketry. There was a very small crowd and I know it is hard to present to a small crowd but he was really awesome! Then we went down to the museum and saw all of the exhibits. It was amazing to see all the artifacts in this museum. A lot of the things were the real stuff and not replicas. I think the teachers in this area are so lucky to have this resource so close to them.

Then at 6:30 we met other Plurker friends at Anchor Inn. Ande (Lulubell), Shelly (HuskerFan), Kevin (KevinH) and Michelle (honeymic) had dinner with us and we had a wonderful time. It was as if we had all known each other forever because I felt so comfortable with this group. You would never have known that most of us met each other for the first time tonight.

Well, it was a full and exciting day! We will definitely have to come back for another visit because there is so much to see and do here.
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Stephanie said...

I just got caught up on the trip. Sounds like another fun one. Ido think you ought to consider being a travel agent for your next career. I'll let you plan MY family trips!

Tink said...

I want to know what your dad used on your feet. I wore the wrong shoes to Downtown Disney last night and still feel like my feet are blistered. I could really use something to make them feel better.

I love Planetariums..... Wish I had been there to see it with you. Guess Pan and I will have to see about taking a trip further north. I would dearly love to visit the salt mines and catch an IMAX.