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Friday, March 13, 2009

Chocolate Graham Crackers

Blog Prompt: Touch something close to you. Write about it, the texture, color, shape, etc.

I am sitting here with chocolate graham crackers in front of me. They are long rectangular shapes sitting on a circular white paper plate. I love chocolate graham crackers! I don’t like the plain or honey ones; just these chocolate ones. Since they are pretty dry, I usually have something to drink with them. They also have a lot of crumbs when I eat them so I like to break them in smaller pieces on the plate before I eat a bite of them. It also amazes me how hard they are to find sometimes and I wonder if lots of other people like them too.

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Tink said...

Can't say that I have ever eaten the chocolate grahams. I usually stick to the regular ones. There's just something about grahams and peanut butter that hit the spot. I wonder if the chocolate grahams with peanut butter would taste like a reese's. :)