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Friday, March 20, 2009

Hearing and Adventure Day 2 (Kentucky, Missouri)

Blog prompt: Close your eyes. Listen. What all do you hear? Can you describe it in detail? Once you opened your eyes, did what you thought you heard and actually heard coincide?

As I write this, I can hear my husband snoring and the sounds of people moving around in the room next to ours. I can also hear my computer doing whatever it needs to do to survive. I am in a dark hotel room waiting for my husband to wake up.

Travel Notes (at the end of the day):

We left Paducah, KY after eating a wonderful breakfast at the Hampton Inn. I really like the bag of goodies they give you when you leave (bottle of water, apple, muffin, energy bar, mints). Then we headed north towards Illinois. As soon as we crossed over the state line, we stopped at the visitor center and the lady manning the desk was very helpful. We had thought about staying at a Drury Inn west of downtown St. Louis but she warned us about the construction on I-64 which caused a major detour. We cancelled our reservation and decided to wait until we got to St. Louis.

We were still in Illinois as we approached St. Louis and the Gateway Arch stood out against the horizon. It was truly a magnificent sight! We decided to do a tour of the Anheuser Busch brewery first and got there in time for the 12:00 tour. The tour was free and lasted over an hour. I really enjoyed watching the Clydesdales frolic outside in their play area. We also got to see their stables which were amazingly clean. The tour ended with the opportunity to sample beer (two free 11 oz. glasses to those over 21) and bags of pretzels.

After the tour we decided to make a reservation at the Hampton Inn near the St. Louis airport and the price was extremely reasonable (cheaper and better than the one we stayed in last night). The room is much bigger and has a comfortable chair for Don to sit in while he watches TV and it also has a microwave and refrigerator in it. After checking in, we parked the car and ate dinner at Bandana’s BBQ which was right next door. We each had the lunch portion BBQ Pork plate with 2 sides for $6.99 and it was exceptional! I would definitely eat here again. The pork was so tasty and tender and the sauces come on the side.

Now we will watch TV and do our research as we plan for our day tomorrow.

More pictures on Flickr - click HERE.


Bradley B. Shea said...

I really enjoy reading your various posts. What are these DSP prompts?

loonyhiker said...

Bradley B. Shea: I'm so glad you are enjoying these posts! You can find each day's prompts here:
Come join us! After you post your update, leave a comment there that you updated so we can come to your blog and read what you wrote.

Tink said...

Talk about bringing back memories. I use to live at Scott AFB, just across the river. Had even visited the brewery, LOL.

Looks like you had a great room as well. And you just missed the Scamp by a couple of weeks. Seems everyone is traveling right now. :) Now to go get caught up on the rest of your trip.