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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Attitude and Adventure Day 1 (Kentucky)

Blog Prompt: Attitude is a state of mind or a feeling; disposition. What is your attitude today? What has affected it to make it so?

I am having a great attitude today. We begin our trip today across the US and I’m so excited. My car is packed and all the items on my list were checked off so I hope I didn’t forget anything. Of course, we feel like that we have a credit card, ID, and each other so everything else is just icing on the cake. As I write this, we have been on the road for three hours and the traffic has been pretty light and the weather has been wonderful. What more can I ask for as we travel? I love starting out on new adventures!

Travel Notes:

We crossed over into the Central Time Zone and arrived in Nashville just in time for lunch. After stopping at the Hard Rock CafĂ© to get our bottle opener magnet (I’m so disappointed that they don’t have the old guitar shapes anymore!), we walked around town. Eventually we ended up eating hot wings (Samurai and Spicy Garlic) at Hooters. Walking back to our car, we passed by Ryman Auditorium. When we left there we drove to Las Paletas which we heard have really unusual popsicles. Don bought a tangerine and I bought cantaloupe ($2.50 each). We got back on the road and before we knew it, we had crossed over the state line into Kentucky around 3pm.

We finally decided to spend the night in Paducah. Paducah is home to a Uranium Enrichment Plant owned by the US Dept. of Energy. We drove down to the waterfront which was pretty. This town in where the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers come together. The murals along the wall by the waterfront were beautiful!

Today we started in SC, drove through NC, TN, and ended up in KY. We have had a wonderful first day!

More pictures in Flickr - Click HERE.

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Tink said...

You are making better time than me, LOL. I still have to pack and find my tennies. We will be leaving around 5 in the morning and I am so looking forward to time away from home. Have a great trip.