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Monday, January 26, 2009

Spouse's Day and Chinese New Years

Blog Prompt: Today is Spouse's Day. What is something nice you will do for a special person in your life?

I plan to take my hubby out to hear a political speaker during lunch time. He really gets into all this political talk and I could take it or leave it so I leave it mostly. Our congressman has this lunch get together every month so we will go there. Of course I don’t eat the lunch there because when I went a year ago, I got food poisoning that day. I don’t know if it was from this restaurant but I haven’t eaten there since. Of course no one else had gotten sick that I know of but it all in my mind. Once I get that in my mind, it is hard to forget about it.

Today is Chinese New Years! (The Year of the Ox) Gung Hay Fot Toy!!! We will have chicken (symbol of prosperity), wear red (symbol for good luck) and do no cleaning (or you will throw out the good luck). Have a great day!

Original image: 'Yum!' by: Claudia Scholz

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