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Friday, January 23, 2009

Apple Pie

Blog Prompt: Today is National Pie Day. Describe your favorite pie.

I am not a big eater of sweets so I don’t usually eat cakes and pies but I really love apple pie. In fact, I love most things with apples in it. If I decide to have a desert (which is pretty rare) at a restaurant, I will only get something if it has apples in it. Apple pies bring back good memories of growing up and my mother, sisters, and I in the kitchen making apple pie together. My middle sister made the best pie crusts! It’s a gift that no one else in our family has. Of course my job was to peel the apples. I liked that because I remember that whenever I finished peeling an apple, someone would let me eat a couple of slices. I can even imagine the wonderful smell as it is baking!


Tammy said...

Apple Pie is my husbands fav. I like it too warm and with a bit of ice cream on top. Great memories Pat.

Tink said...

My mouth is watering from your description. Yummy. Although I tend to favor key lime pies. It's the tart, I think. :)