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Friday, January 16, 2009

My Favorite Childhood Toy

Blog Prompt: Sunday is Winnie the Pooh's Day. Describe your favorite childhood toy.

My favorite toy was my Legos set. It was a red case that looked like a briefcase that was filled with lots of Legos. I could use my imagination to my heart’s content. My favorite thing to do would be pretending to be a secret agent like James Bond and make special spy stuff with the Legos. Some days I would be a teacher and set up the Legos like my classroom. Other days I would make cars out of them and be a racecar driver. I left them behind when I went to college and never saw them again. When my parents moved to FL from NY, they sold or gave away most of my toys.

Original image: 'Lego Porn' Eric

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Tammy said...

Cute story Pat. My son loved his Lego's too.