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Friday, January 02, 2009

My Feelings About Fruitcake

Blog Prompt: Today is Fruitcake Toss Day. Have you ever eaten fruitcake? What are your feelings about it?

I have had fruitcake and truly dislike it but my husband loves it. My mother in law used to make it from scratch each year and my family always looked forward to getting one from her (except me that is). I think fruitcake has many uses but doesn’t include being edible. Here are some suggestions:

1. Replace a missing brick on your house.
2. Serve as part of the foundation when building your house.
3. Can be used as ballast to hold things from blowing away in the wind.
4. Put a lot of them in the back of a pick up truck to help traction on slippery roads.
5. Be used as stepping stones in the garden.
6. Can be used to level an RV when pulling into a campsite.
7. Be used as a weapon to defend yourself against muggers. Place in purse and swing to hit the muggers

Of course these are just examples of the ways a fruitcake can be used. (As I write this and share this with my husband, he is rolling his eyes!) Of course I have heard rumors that they last forever so maybe they can be actually help the environment. We could build houses out of them instead of wood and save the trees.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pat, a roommate of mine used to theorize that there are actually a fixed number of fruitcakes in the world. People just regift them to each other and nobody actually eats them....

Tammy said...

ooooooohhhhhh I love your list of things to do with that nasty cake!!

Happy New Year my friend!!

Beth said...

Nothing to do with fruit cake (but, um, I hate the stuff!) but to the question you left about knitting needles on my blog.

Depends on the yarn you've chosen and if you knit loose or tight. If you knit average or loose, go with the 6.

The one I knitted is a bit loose. But I like loose. I just finished another one, using my 7 but with a thinner yarn, and it's actually a bit small.

Email me at if I'm not making sense!!

Beachcomber said...

I like your ideas of what to do with fruitcakes. LOL

Happy New Year!