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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It Really Isn't True

Today is National Skeptics Day. What have you heard lately that you know in your heart isn't true?

I really haven’t heard any rumors or bad things lately but it may be because I am not in the mainstream anymore. We just returned from a lot of traveling so right now it is just my husband and me alone every day other than running errands. But the other night I heard what sounded like a baby crying under my house. Then it stopped. I knew that there was no way there could be a baby under my house so I didn’t think any more about it. Later during the day, I saw 3 cats on my back deck and apparently one of them is in heat and that is who was crying under the house. The cats have gotten cold and are seeking refuge under my house now and they are driving me crazy! But I don’t have the heart to try to drive them out into the cold right now.

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Life Psalm; Pixel Punkin; Digimaniac said...

you're a jewel for allowing them to stay. I know it's hard having to listen to them though. Especially if one of them is in heat. That is the most awful screech in the world!