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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Dog the Pirate

Today is Dress Up Your Pet Day. What would you like to see your pet dressed in and if you don't have one, what if you did?

I used to have a chow and I would have loved to see him dressed up as a pirate. I could see him with a black bandanna wrapped around his head and a striped shirt and maybe a little sword around his body. I’m not sure he would have liked having a patch over one eye though. Caesar thought he was human most of the time and thought he should be treated that way. He was good at tiptoeing to things he knew we wouldn’t let him have. Then he would smile at us after he got it. Many times we would have to spell things in front of him because he understood certain words and if he got mad, he would leave a huge pile of poop right in front of the TV. Yes, he would have made a great pirate!

Original image: '0018' serin onion

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