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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Blog Prompt: This month is Get Organized Month. Name 3 things you need to organize and your strategy for doing this.

I have made a list and assigned each day with a chore that I need to do. Then I don’t feel so overwhelmed.
Monday - Dust
Tuesday – Wash bathrooms
Wednesday – Declutter my office
Thursday – File Bills
Friday – vacuum/wash floors

I am also trying to fold clothes within one day of washing them instead of leaving them in the laundry basket. When my husband gets his clean clothes out of the basket, pieces of clean clothes fall all over the place and drive me crazy!

I have got to go through the boxes I brought home from school when I retired ( a year and a half ago). They are still stacked in my formal dining room so you can’t even get in there. First I will clean out my shed and put all of our “yard sale” items there. These are things my husband swears can’t be thrown away. I will move things out of our storage building that we rent to the shed that I hope to sell. Then I will move the things I want to save into the storage building. But first I have to go through the boxes and decide what I want to save and what I want to toss. I will work 30 minutes every day doing this.

Original image: 'Fabric organization' Becca


Tammy said...

OH Pat!! I have a problem about putting up folded clothes from the dryer. I leave them in the basket for a day or two. I finally put them up when I need to get to the bottom of the pile.

Liz McCoy said...

I hear your pain. It's a vicious cycle of Keeping. I too have this issue. One thing I've found for myself that works is going through stuff atleast once per year. I might have gone through 2 boxes a year ago and got it down to 1 box but I'll go through that box again this year and reevaluate...b/c something that was SOOO important last year, this year looks so silly.

And that has helped me cut my clutter in 1/2. Staying motivated that's hard but little by little is the key. And REJOICE is the little victories! One box out the house is SUCCESS!!!

Don't let the neigh sayers get you down. Do it for youself and be responsible for YOUR stuff the hubby will follow. BELIVE me my hubby says yeah we have lots of stuff but he won't part with anything of his LOL. I would use to get soo upset at that and then I realized (like with the passage from your earlier post) that I have to be responsible for myself. And the more I got rid of MY stuff the more he saw that he could too.

I can't wait to hear how things go for you I'm cheering you on!!

I'm still working on my house every weekend I feel like i'm in the garage rearranging and sorting and blah blah ...but it seems like no progress but I stop and think okay remember you couldn't walk here at all and now you can Oh yeah..WOO HOO i am making progress LOL.