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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Favorite Dead Singer

Blog Prompt: Happy Birthday Elvis! Who is your favorite singer that is no longer living?

My favorite all time singer is John Denver. When I was a teenager, I loved all of his songs. My prom date even looked like John Denver, played a guitar, and played John Denver songs. I played a guitar too at the time and my world was filled with John Denver songs. When he died, I was so sad. Then when I saw a movie about his life, I was surprised at some of the troubles he had because I always thought he had a perfect romantic life! Isn’t it funny how our idols are so much different in real life compared to our dreams!

Original image: 'No 28: John Denver' Bev Sykes


Jeanet said...

I don't think anyone's life is quite as perfect (or sad for that matter) as we often think. Nothing is ever so black & white but for a singer/actor I think it's important that they maintain a certain image. Actually come to think of it - It must be a very sad life. Good thing we are just 'plain janes' so we are allowed to show all our emotions.

Tammy said...

I like John Denver too. Very soothing music and now I have that song in my head PAT!!!!!

glynis said...

I love his music mellow and beautiful. Great prompt, thanks!

Life Psalm; Digimaniac said...

Great prompt! I loved Rocky Mountain High!

Beachcomber said...

I like John Denver. It was sad and tragic when he died.