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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Teacher’s Drawer

Blog Prompt: Write about what you would find in a teacher's drawer and why you think it might be there.

This prompt is easy for me because I can write about what was in my drawer when I taught! As many of you know, I am a major packrat so all of the stuff in my drawer has been there probably every year that I taught except the candy. So here are things that were in my drawer.

1. Rubber bands (necessity)
2. Pens (necessity)
3. Pencils (necessity)
4. Scrap paper for notes (necessity)
5. Rulers (measuring)
6. Paper clips (necessity)
7. Safety pins (emergency kit)
8. Glue (necessity)
9. Compass (who uses this anymore?)
10. Protractor (hardly ever used it, but it looked good)
11. Needle and thread (emergency kit)
12. Breath mints (necessity)
13. Lighter (for science experiments)
14. Pencil erasers (necessity)
15. Plastic eating utensils (necessity)
16. Calculator (necessity)
17. Gradebook (absolutely imperative that I have this with me at all times)
18. binder clips (never know when you might need this)
19. keys (to what, I don’t know)
20. extra car key (I’m always locking myself out of my car)
21. walkie talkies (for field trips)
22. photos of former students (to bring back memories – some good, some not so good)
23. contact info for all current students (so I can reach parents immediately if needed)
24. pair of earrings (in case I lose one of mine I’m wearing)
25. pair of pantyhose (in case I get a bad hole in what I’m wearing)
26. Lotion (my skin is very dry)
27. Stop watch (to time certain activities)
28. Tennis shoes (in case I find time to walk for exercise)
29. Ramen noodles (in case I forget my lunch from home)
30. A couple of dollars (in case I need to buy a snack)

That is all that I can think of but I’m sure I had so much more because when I packed up to retire, it took a huge box to hold all my desk junk…I mean treasures.

Original image: 'every office needs one ...' by: Lisa B

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Tink said...

How big was your desk drawer? LOL