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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Carnival Glory Days 4 and 5 Belize and Mahahual

(picture: dinner mates every night!)

We had a wonderful day in Belize. At first we didn’t even plan to get off the ship because we really didn’t enjoy Belize. While we watched the ship drop the anchor and get ready for tenders to take people ashore, we met another couple, Bonnie and Lee. They invited us to go cave tubing with them on a private tour. We had been disappointed when we saw that cave tubing was not listed as a shore excursion because we really had wanted to do. We decided on the spur of the moment to go so we ran to the cabin and put our bathing suits on so we could meet them in the atrium. Since we were all platinum members we would not have to wait in line for the tender but Ramuna (guest relations manager) saw us and immediately took care of us. (She really is wonderful!)

When we got ashore after about a 30 min. ride to shore, we met Reggie, the tour operator where he told Bonnie to meet him about 9am. Four of us got in the white van and drove for an hour to the caves. It cost us $48 each. After Reggie gave us our life jackets and tubes, we walked along a trail for about 45 min. up the Sibun River before we got in. He also told us about the plants and trees along the way which I found really interesting. Then Reggie had us hook together so we could all stay together along the way. I was in front and Don put his feet in my tube under my arms. Bonnie was behind him and Lee was last. Reggie moved from the back to the front as he told us about the cave, the formations, and the bats. There was even a waterfall inside the cave and it was beautiful. Reggie explained that Carnival took this tour off their list when a woman drowned last year in the cave because the water was high and the guide was inexperienced and didn’t keep his group together. It took us about 2 hours to float down the river but it was idyllic.

I would highly recommend everyone to go cave tubing and especially go with Reggie’s tours. He told me that he likes to keep the group at 14 people and if there are more than 10, he brings another guide. I really liked how he kept us all together on the river, explained things, and kept us going in the right places along the way.

Then I had a little mishap as I boarded the tender. The guy helped a lady aboard and turned around to help me. His hand clipped my forehead and threw me off balance. I thought I was going to fall off the dock and so did the two men. They tried to grab me and one hit my hand which caused my sail and sign card and driver’s license to fly in the air. They landed in the water and sank to the bottom. The three of us stood there and looked down as they sunk and we were speechless. Don comes over and looks down and asks, “What are we looking at?” I couldn’t even talk. The guy told me to go tell security and the security guard told me not to worry about it and just get on the tender. When I got to the ship, I went to guest relations and they quickly gave me a new sail and sign card. When I told them my driver’s license was gone too and we used that to get in the safe, they sent someone to open the safe for us. I have to say that the Guest Relations department has been wonderful on this trip! Now when I get home, I will have to go get a new driver’s license (Don is a little worried about identity theft, but I guess I will have to deal with that when it happens.)

When we arrived in the room, there was a plate of goodies sent to us from the chef. Then while the lady was opening the safe for us, room service brought us a plate of chocolate covered strawberries sent to us from James, the cruise director. When we went to dinner, Terrence the maitre’d gave us an invitation for Thursday night to eat with the senior staff at 8:15 in the Platinum dining room. What an honor! I am so excited!

So, other than my little mishap, it was a perfect day! I really think God sent Bonnie and Lee to that spot where we were to invite us to go cave tubing. I also think he kept me from falling off the dock! It is truly amazing how things work out and how much God takes care of us!

Yesterday we arrived in Costa Maya at 8am and we took a taxi to the little town of Mahahual. The taxi ride cost $3 to get there and $2 to get back per person. We spent a lovely day at the beach drinking Dos Equis and eating chips and salsa. We got back to the ship about 2:30pm and by the time we took a shower, it was time to go to the Past Guest Reception. We did stop at the store and buy 4 bottles of kahlua and they matched the price of the picture on my camera. The ship’s store sold them for 2/$25 but the store in Cozumel had them 2/$17 so we bought 4 of them at the lower price. The past guest reception was nice and then we went to dinner. After dinner we saw the show which was a hypnotist. We were pretty tired by the time we got back to our cabin but we found a birthday cake in our room for a Mrs. Maria Pessoa so I had to call guest relations. Then room service called and tried to tell me it was free and I think I finally got them to understand that it was sent to the wrong cabin.

Today is a day at sea so we will rest and relax!

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