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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rough Day at Sea

Now you are probably thinking that the weather was bad but it was an absolutely gorgeous day outside. In my life things happen in threes and yesterday was the day for threes. I got up at my usual 5am, played in my computer for my allotted 35 min. (150 min. for $55) and then had tea while I watched the sun rise. So far, so good. When Don woke up we had breakfast and sat out on the deck waiting to arrive in Nassau at 8:30. Don said to tell people that he is such a bad driver that he drove this seadoo right out of the water on to the deck!

Around 7:30, the captain came on board and announced that we would not get to go to CocoCay because the winds were too high at the island and the waves made it treacherous for the tenders to get us there (#1 rough thing). We went to a talk by the captain and two of her staff which was interesting. We have the only female captain in the whole cruise industry! The captain rearranged our itinerary for us to arrive in Nassau around 7pm instead of the next morning so a lot of people were happy. She will attempt to take us to CocoCay again on Thursday.

At noon we had lunch in the dining room which was really good and then watched the men’s belly flop contest. At 2pm we watched a movie in the show lounge called Imagine That with Eddie Murphy and it was really cute.

After the movie we decided to walk and get some exercise so I didn’t look like a cow by the end of the cruise. It felt wonderful to get some exercise but then at 5:30pm I wanted to go to the Who Am I trivia contest. Don decided to go outside and watch the other cruise ships go past us so he ended up coming to me at the contest for the camera but I didn’t have it and he had to go back to the room to find it. I almost won the trivia contest with 10 out of 13 correct answers but someone else had 11. (#2 rough thing).

When I arrived back at the cabin, Don was in there looking disgusted because he couldn’t find the camera. We tore the cabin apart and still no camera. After retracing my steps, I realized that I probably left the camera in the show lounge after the movie (#3 rough thing). I asked tons of crew members and finally reported it missing at guest relations. Don was so wonderful and was not angry with me but I was kicking myself. I could not believe anyone had not turned it in. Still upset, we got ready for the Captain’s reception at 7:30 and our formal dinner at 8:30. As I walked around the ship, crew members stopped me and asked me if I had found it yet but I sadly told them no. I was just sick to my stomach and Don had to keep telling me not to let it ruin our cruise. So after dinner we went to the show and then finally sleep.

Only I couldn’t sleep and finally got up at 5am again this morning. As I went to the internet cafĂ©, I stopped at guest relations one more time and asked about the camera expecting nothing. I was so thrilled when the man came out with my camera! Someone had returned it yesterday (but I don’t know why they didn’t call me since they had my cabin number but oh well). I now have my beloved camera in hand and all is well again!


diane said...

That was quite a story - glad it had a happy ending!

Bob said...

Firstly, I am so glad you got your camera back.

Secondly... what a great idea for you to post now, even though you are still on the ship. Wonderful!

I still have my notes from our last cruise that I only kept on the hard drive while I did other silly stuff with my expensive cruise internet account LOL.