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Monday, September 07, 2009

Starting School

Blog Prompt: Did school start before or after Labor Day when you were attending?

I grew up in New York and I think we always started after Labor Day and didn’t get out until the end of June. It really amazed me that when I began teaching in South Carolina that we started in August. One year the teachers actually started at the end of July and the students began the first week of August. Now our legislature has made it a law that no school can start before a certain date in order to help the tourist business in Myrtle Beach. Apparently many of the students were having to return to school and left the businesses with no help even though the tourists from the north were still there.

Original image: 'School Bus' by: Beny Shlevich

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Tink said...

I really think that 25+ years ago it was that all schools started after Labor Day. It really didn't start with going earlier and earlier until 20-25 years ago (back when my kids started school). I know that here, our school system got into a lot of trouble for starting Aug. 4 one year. They wanted all schools in Florida to start at basically the same time.