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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Carnival Day 6 and 7

We arrived in Nassau on Friday but since we had been there so often, we decided to stay on the ship. I sat on the deck and read while Don walked around looking at the town and the other ships that were coming in. At noon, we had lunch on the Lido deck and then decided to play on the water slide. This was the first time we have ever tried the slide and it was a lot of fun. The best part was that there wasn’t anyone else on the slide and we had it to ourselves. Finally it was time to leave, pack our suitcases and get cleaned up to visit with the Captain again. After our visit, we had about an hour to stroll around the ship and listen to the music in the different areas.

Dinner was wonderful! Miguel, the maitre’d from the Splendor, sent us a bottle of wine (Black Opal) for dinner. Then when it came time for dessert, they brought a birthday cake to our table (another gift from Miguel) and the waiters sang happy birthday to me. We had a wonderful group of people at our dinner table! Les and Diane were from Olympia, WA, Max and Wilma were from Indiana, and Ron and Vickie were from Hilton Head, SC.

After dinner we finished packing and had to get special tags for our suitcases from guest relations. We had an early night since we had stayed up so late the night before.

On Saturday morning, it was time to leave the ship which was kind of sad. I really enjoyed meeting other passengers on the ship as well as the crew. This one guy made me an omelet every morning. Today I didn’t even have to order it and when it was my turn to order, he had it finished and ready to put on my plate! Talk about being spoiled!

We were supposed to meet Daniella in front of the guest relations at 9:30 but we were ready by 8:30. We had planned to just sit in the lobby area until 9:30 but Nickos and Ramune were there by the elevators when we got off. Ramune got Daniella to give us a special escort off the ship. We didn’t have to wait in any lines and they opened barriers to let us through. I felt like royalty! She even escorted us through customs and the baggage claim! I have to say that Carnival rolled out the red carpet for us and truly made us feel so special!

It took us 8 hours but we got back home to SC. It was kind of a let down after all that spoiling we had! J


Meg said...

What a fantastic trip, I have enjoyed following along with you! I'd love to know how you arrange the cruise-to-cruise hopping. Do you have a travel agent that does that or is it the cruise company?

Sorry that your vacation is over but I'm glad you're back on dry land!

loonyhiker said...

Don does lots of research on the computer and he is my "travel agent." LOL