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Monday, September 21, 2009

Carnival Glory Day 2

As usual I woke up at 5am and got on the computer for my 45 min. a day fix. This really makes me miss my high speed internet at home. I ate a wonderful special made omelette at 7am and then when I woke Don up, we had breakfast in the dining room where I got tasty French toast. In the morning we went to a shopping talk, trivia contest, and a talk about the excursions. By then it was time to eat lunch! After lunch we walked around and then decided to take a nap since we had a late night.

After our nap we went to the Murder Mystery program and it is really neat because we have to solve a murder. They presented 7 suspects and alibis (crew members) and every day we get a clue. When we figure out who did it, we fill out a paper with the murderer and the weapon. All of the right answers go in a drawing for a prize. This is the first time we had done something like this.

At 5:45 we went to the Captain’s celebration and we met Nicolas the hotel director and Ramuna Bovo, head of guest relations. Ramuna brought us to meet the Captain who remembered us from Italy and then got us some wine. They were extremely nice!

After our dinner of prime rib, we went to the Comedy Show and watched Jeff Nease who was pretty funny. There was an 11pm show but we had to clear out the room and go stand in line again which we decided it wasn’t worth it so we left and went to the show. By the time the show was over, I was ready to drop. Again, it was a wonderful day!

Blog Prompt: What did you do if you left your homework at school?

I never left my homework because I loved doing homework. I loved school and everything about it. So throughout my school years, I was very conscientious and always checked that I had everything I needed to do my homework because I always wrote my homework down. I guess even as a student, I was pretty organized.

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